If you’d like to talk with other members of The Pika Club and the Pokemon community you’ve come to the right place! We offer two methods of chatting with others – forums and IRC.


You can access The Pika Club’s forums by clicking here or by using the menu on the right. You’ll need to register an account first!


You can also chat to us via IRC. IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat and is a way to talk to others in real time. You can use the applet linked below to access our IRC channel. If you have an IRC client and would like to access it from that, the details are:

Channel: #thepikaclub

We ask that you obey a few simple rules while using the IRC channel. Please take the time to read them before using the chatroom.


Where possible, the IRC channel uses the same basic Rules and Regulations as the forums, where applicable. For some basic guidance, try to stick to these maxims:

  1. The channel is suitable for all ages, so make sure discussion is also suitable for all ages.
  2. We ask you do not come into the chatroom to spam or advertise other websites. If it is relevant to the conversation it is fine but only post it once.
  3. Be nice to other members. We want to promote a friendly community, so don’t go insulting everyone.
  4. We ask you to talk in plain English where possible. That is, no ‘txt spk’ and please type out words properly, such as ‘you’ rather than ‘u’ and ‘anyone’ rather than ‘ne1’.
  5. Please be patient. Not everyone is watching the chatroom every second of their lives, so if you don’t get a reply immediately don’t keep typing out messages. Wait a few minutes.


If you see someone disobeying the rules or need some help with something site related, talk to an op or hop. These are people with symbols in front of their names (@, &, ~) and are staff who can help you. If you see somebody breaking the rules while no staff are on, please report it to staff on the forums by sending a private message to either Pikachu3828 or WhoKnows_WhoCares.

Click here to enter the chatroom.