Pokémon Gold/Silver Section

Pokémon Gold/Silver are the sequels to the smash hit Pokémon Red/Blue, adding 100 new Pokémon and an entirely new region with 8 more gyms on top of the existing Kanto region. Check out below for our game guides.


Version Exclusive Pokémon

Check which Pokémon are exclusive to each version here.

Unobtainable Pokémon

Certain Pokémon are not available in either version and must either be traded from Red/Blue or downloaded from an event. Check which here.

Legendary Pokémon

Gold/Silver contain a number of new legendary Pokémon. Their locations are listed here.

Berry Tree Locations

Berries were introduced in Gold/Silver, which grow daily from berry trees. Find their locations and effects here.


A new feature in Gold/Silver, happiness affects everything from move power to evolution. Check our happiness guide here.

Bug Catching Contest

You can take part in the contest at the National Park every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.


Information about your Pokégear is contained here.