News… Finally!

I should have posted this yesterday, but i’ve been a little addicted to the adoption agency myself… whopps.

Ok, so first up, Pokemon Rumble Blast has a European Release date… sort of. Only listed as December in the 4th Quater Release Schedule, the Re-named (again) Super Pokemon Rumble is a 3DS title that features toy Pokemon which you collect and then battle. They’ve changed the name of it again so its more like the Japanese title and nothing like the US title, probably just to confuse all of us down the line (another Trozi/link fiasco)

Next item, Remember that Online Program on found on the official Pokemon site which allowed you to learn the Trading Card Game, along with playing against AI controled opponents? Well that’s due to go full version which allows you to collect cards, build your own deck and play against other, real people online. Well the program has entered the open beta stage. What this means is that anybody can now play against other people online, as well as get cards and build decks… BUT since its still in beta stages, it may not work 100% and there may be still bugs to work out. Still, if you dont think the AI opponents were challenging enough, or you want a bit more customised deck than the pre-constructed decks, then you may want to start using it now.

Speaking of Pre-constructed decks, the latest TCG, Emerging Powers, set has had their theme decks this week, with the booster packs being sold in a couple of weeks time. Both Toxic Tricks (a psychic/fire deck) and Power Play (a Fighting/Water deck) have online codes which will allow you to play those decks in the Trading Card Online… see, its all connected!

Incidently, the next English TCG set has been announced as Noble Victories and will be based around Victini (well not the whole set, but Victini will feature in it, and probably be in both Theme Decks as there are different types of Victini cards, it could work (theme deck wise anyway) like Arceus did in the Arceus set, where there was a different Arceus in each Theme deck. Noble Victories will be out sometime in november.

And that’s all the news we have for you at the moment – more when we learn it

Featured Card(s): Reshiram/Zekrom (B&W)

Yeah, I realize my last Featured Card was done back in August, so this time I’m actually going to have two Featured Cards! What better cards to review than Reshiram and Zekrom from the recently released Black & White set? Both cards are very similar, yet they’re different enough to where I can make an interesting article. Both cards are projected to be in major decks in the HG/SS-on format, but how do they stack up?

Sorry, I currently don’t have access to a scanner, so no scans this time. When I do, I will edit this post to include them.

Type: Fire
HP: 130
Basic Pokemon

[C][C] Outrage 20+
Does 10 more damage for each damage counter on this Pokemon.
[R][R][C] Blue Flame 120
Discard 2 Fire Energy attached to this Pokemon.

Weakness: Water (x2)
Resistance: none
Retreat: 2

Type: Lightning
HP: 130
Basic Pokemon

[C][C] Outrage 20+
Does 10 more damage for each damage counter on this Pokemon.
[L][L][C] Bolt Strike 120
This Pokemon does 40 damage to itself.

Weakness: Fighting (x2)
Resistance: none
Retreat: 2


Both Reshiram and Zekrom have 130 HP, which is huge for Basic Pokemon! They can definitely withstand several attacks before they get KO’d. They can also withstand each other’s big attack (without PlusPower).

Reshiram: Water Weakness isn’t terrible, so you should not have to worry about it too much.
Zekrom: Fighting Weakness isn’t bad, but watch out for Donphan Prime!

Both dragons have no Resistance, so let’s move on.

Both Reshiram and Zekrom have to discard two Energy to retreat. I’d advise using Switch, or Dodrio from Undaunted.


Outrage: Both dragons have this attack, which can do some serious damage if their HP’s are low enough. Since they each have 130 HP, this attack can do up to 140 damage for a Double Colorless Energy.

Blue Flare (Reshiram), Bolt Strike (Zekrom): Both attacks can do 120 damage for three Energy, which is great for Basics, but unfortunately have drawbacks. Reshiram has you discarding two Fire Energy, while Zekrom does 40 damage to itself. Depending on the deck you’re facing and how you’ve built your deck, these drawbacks may be a non-factor. Ways to overcome these drawbacks will be listed in the Combos section.



Emboar (Ability): With Emboar’s Inferno Fandango Ability, you can use Blue Flare just about every turn. Just attach two more Fire Energy with Emboar, and you’re good to go. Also, it can help if you happen to lose a Reshiram by being able to set up a new one almost instantly.

Energy Retrieval: Going along with Emboar, Energy Retrieval gives you two basic Energy from your discard pile and puts them back into your hand, which you can immediately attach with Emboar.

Typhlosion Prime: Typhlosion can attach a Fire Energy from your discard pile to one of your Pokemon, at the cost of one damage counter on the Pokemon you attach the Energy to. You can actually fuel both of Reshiram’s attacks using Typhlosion’s Poke-Power, damage for Outrage, or Energy for Blue Flare.


Pachirisu (Call of Legends)/Shaymin (Undaunted): This combo can give you access to Bolt Strike as early as Turn 1! First, put Pachirisu on your Bench, then use it’s Poke-Power to attach two Lightning Energy to Pachirisu, then put down Shaymin and use it’s Celebration Wind to move the Lightning Energy to Zekrom, attach another Energy, and then Bolt Strike! Quite a combo!

Reuniclus/Seeker/Super Scoop Up: If Zekrom survives your opponent’s attack after you use Bolt Strike, you can use Reuniclus’s Damage Swap Ability to move damage counters off of Zekrom and onto something like Pachirisu, Shaymin, or even another Zekrom, and then use Seeker or Super Scoop Up to return that Pokemon to your hand and remove that damage. Reuniclus may not be the best thing to add to a Zekrom deck, but it’s at least worth looking at.


Modified (HG/SS-on): Reshiram has things slightly better than Zekrom in regards to not dealing damage to itself, but it sets up slower than Zekrom. I can see both of them doing very well in tournaments, however, which one will be more popular has yet to be seen. 8/10 for both.
Modified (MD-on): With the current Modified format, Zekrom is much better than Reshiram since it doesn’t need Evolved Pokemon for support. I can see Zekrom taking a few Battle Roads this spring, however, Reshiram just can’t compete in this speed based format. 8/10 Zekrom, 5/10 Reshiram.


All three versions of these two cards are exactly the same except for artwork. Both Reshiram and Zekrom are easily accessible since they both come in tins, as well as being relatively easy to pull from the Black and White set.

Feel free to leave comments on this article. You can also request a card to be reviewed in this thread.

Global Link Promotion and TCG Training Aid

Ok, So here’s something you need to know. Remeber The Global Link Site, which links up your Black and White game with some stuff on your computer (including battle stats and the Dream World), it was due to be released internationally tomorow but has been delayed due to the ongoing problems in Japan. Anyway, before it was released in Japan last year, they ran a promotion where you played a game, and at the end got to pick an Eeveelution. When the Site when live, you would get this pokemon when you synced up your game to the site…

Well its now available to all use International users too…

The Eeveelution that you get comes with a different ability than they can usually get. Most Pokémon now can have a 3rd ability which can only be got through other means beyond getting them randomly in game. Mostly this will be from the dream world, although there are 2 pokemon you can encounter and get their Hidden/Dream World ability in game, Daramanitan and Mushrana… these are special encounters though and wont be found randomly

The Eeveelutions you can get, and the abilities they have are:
Vaporeon – Hydration
Jolteon – Quick Feet
Flareon – Guts
Espeon – Magic Bounce
Umbreon – Inner Focus
Leafeon – Chlorophyll
Glaceon – Ice Body

Vist for more info on this offer and how to access the game you need to play

While your there, you might like to try the TCG training aid. This program lets you play the TCG game against a computer opponet. At the moment you can only chose from 3 theme decks, based on Meganium, Typhlosion and Feraligatr… When the Black and White TCG theme decks are made available next month, they’ll have a code inside them allowing you to use those decks in the program as well. By this september/october, the program will have all cards within the modified format available for you to build your decks with, and allow player vs player matches as well – allowing all those of us who dont have many physical players to play against to try out TCG decks against proper thinking opponents.

The program currently uses Rule updates that will be introduced once the Black and White TCG set is released next month

You’ll need a Trainer Club ID to access both the TCG training aid and the Global Link Site when it launches… Head to to get yours now

Featured Card: Umbreon (Undaunted)

I went to a Prerelease for Undaunted this past Saturday and played in the Theme Deck Challenge that was offered. (I posted a thread on the forums with the lists for both decks here) I decided to go with the Nightfall deck, since it apparently had better cards. The Featured Card this time is the cover card of the Nightfall deck, Umbreon. And yes, the foil in this scan is similar to the one used on the Rotom in Rising Rivals, and this is unique to the theme decks. The Umbreon (and Espeon) you pull from Undaunted packs will have the regular foil background.


HP: 90 is pretty good for a Stage 1 Pokemon. Expert Belt will increase it to 110, which can help.

Weakness: Fighting is not a very good Weakness to have, as Machamp (SF) and Donphan Prime can both OHKO it.

Resistance: Psychic is a good Resistance to have, as there are still a fair amount of Psychic Pokemon played.

Retreat: One is good, and since Umbreon doesn’t need much Energy to attack, I’d just pay the cost, although you can use Moonlight Stadium to reduce it to zero.

Moonlight Fang: One Energy for 30 damage is really good for a Stage 1, and you can use Special Darkness Energy to increase the damage done by 10 for each one (up to 70!). Even better, it grants Umbreon the ability to prevent everything done to it by attacks from Pokemon with Poke-Powers and Poke-Bodies. With a majority of popular tournament level Pokemon having either, there’s a good chance you can keep Umbreon in play for a long time. Unfortunately, Machamp still gets right through Umbreon’s defense (unless the opponent leveled it up).

Quick Blow: Just a basic Quick Attack-type attack. 60 is really good for two Energy (more with Special Darkness Energy attached), but suffers from requiring a coin flip. In my opinion, just use Moonlight Fang over and over again. At least it gives Umbreon a chance to stay around longer.


Pokemon Reversal/PokeBlower: Just use either one of these to drag out a Pokemon with both a hefty Retreat Cost and either a Poke-Power or Poke-Body and just keep using Moonlight Fang. Your opponent’s Pokemon can’t retaliate unless they can switch it out.

Espeon/Umbreon from Majestic Dawn: Espeon gives all Eeveelutions 20 more HP, while Umbreon gives all Eeveelutions no Weakness and no Retreat cost. Since you would already be playing Eevees, why not add these guys to help support this Umbreon?


Modified: This card just doesn’t have the muscle to take on Machamp, Gyarados, and Jumpluff, not to mention these Pokemon have no Poke-Powers or Poke-Bodies, so Moonlight Fang just doesn’t work against them. Umbreon, however, can stand up to Gengar, as all Gengars that are used in tournament play have Poke-Powers and are weak to Darkness types, but they can usually go around Umbreon and attack your Bench.  5/10


Umbreon is probably best used as a stalling Pokemon while you build up your main attacker.

Also, don’t forget that you can suggest a card for me to review here.

Lots of News

It’s been a week since Heart Gold and Soul Silver were released in Japan and we’ve managed to clear up some things about what’s new to the game. A lot of this information is just specifics as to stuff mentioned in the last news post. If you’re interested in any of it, head on over to the Heart Gold Soul Silver section of our forums and ask for explanations in anything you’re interested in.

In other news, the 12th movie has been given an English title. Arceus and the Jewel of Life is the third and final in the Diamond and Pearl movies, following on from The Rise of Darkrai and Giratina and the Sky Warrior. This movie will see Ash and friends in Michina Town which has a long history with the legendary Pokémon. According to legend, after the creation Pokémon gave the townspeople some of its power (the Jewel of Life mentioned in the title), the people then betrayed Arceus. As you can imagine, Arceus isn’t best pleased over this, and its rage sets to destroy the world. With the help of Dialga, Ash and co head back in time to try and undo all mistakes made.

There’s no release date yet on the 12th movie, but like the Arceus reveal itself, this reveal is a few months earlier than it has traditionally been in previous years, leading me to believe that it could be released earlier than the Easter/early spring release the movies usually get.

Speaking of Arceus, the creation Pokémon is the subject of the next TCG set due for release on November 4th. Platinum – Arceus will have over 100 cards, including multiple energy types of the main Pokémon itself.

Back to Heart Gold and Soul Silver, a couple of the things we’ve learned is that a lot of Sinnoh and Hoenn Pokémon show up in the wild. During the bug contest in the National Park, if you try it on a Thursday or a Saturday after you get the national dex, Hoenn and Sinnoh bug types will show up, including Wurmple and Kricketot. Also after getting the national dex, the music channel will play either the Hoenn sound on Wednesday or the Sinnoh sound on Thursday. Played in various areas across Johto and Kanto, these two sounds can make either Hoenn or Sinnoh Pokémon show up in the wild.

Also, if you’ve got a copy of HG or SS, don’t forget to download the special Yellow Forest Pokéwalker course. This course features a lot of Pikachu, some of which may know surf and fly… otherwise impossible moves for a Pikachu to know.

That’s all for the moment, we might update with some more HG/SS news/features/explanations soon. Otherwise, more news when we learn it.

Pokemon Korea announces Pokemon Exciting Adventure festival

Pokemon Exciting Adventure FestivalIf you’re Korean or happen to be in South Korea, this news might be of interest to you. The official Korean Pokemon website recently updated announcing the Pokemon Exciting Adventure festival for 2009. It will take place on the following dates and times:

  • 24th & 25th July – 10am to 6pm
  • 26th July – 10am to 5pm
  • The festival has five different areas for you to visit:

    • Stage
    • Game Zone
    • Play Zone
    • Shop
    • Shaymin Zone

    For more information on each of the individual zones, click the link below.

    Continue reading

    Release Schedule (2)

    Time for another Pokemon calendar update. Quite a few important dates to add.


    April 17th – May 11th: Japanese Platinum owners can use the Wi-Fi Mystery Gift option to download ‘Oak’s Letter’. Taking this key item to Route 224 will allow you to encounter, battle and catch Shaymin in the game. No US/European date set for this item to appear yet.


    April 18th: Good News! New Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is released. Bad News, Explorers of the Sky (as it’s known) is only out in Japan so far… No USA/European Release Date has been announced yet.


    April 18th – July 17th: Pre-order your tickets to see the 12th movie in Japan, and you can download a ‘Pikachu Coloured Pichu’ or ‘Shiny Pichu’ to the rest of the world. Comes at level 30 and knows Charge, Volt Tackle, Endeavor and Endure and holding an Everstone.


    April 19th – April 26th: Participating Toy’s R Us stores in the USA, Canada and Puerto Rico will allow you to download the Secret Key item onto your platinum game via the wireless wonder card system. This Platinum exclusive item will allow you to gain access to a secret room in Team Galactic’s Vailstone HQ, inside this room you will be able to change Rotom’s form. This wireless download is helpful for those that don’t have Wi-Fi and are unable to get….


    April 20th – May 12th: The Secret Key is available via the Wi-Fi Mystery Gift option for American Platinum Owners. The Different Forms of Rotom all have they’re own special move they can learn, along with boosted base stats. You can change Rotom’s form as many times as you like, but you can only have 1 Rotom of a specific type at any one time. No European date set for this item to appear yet


    May 20th: New Pokemon TCG set, Rising Rivals is released. This new set will feature 110 cards, and includes all 5 of the new Rotom Forms


    May 22nd: European release of Pokemon Platinum. Finally! Hopefully the dates to download the Secret Key over Wi-Fi won’t be too far behind. Also don’t forget that if you pre-order the game at a Game store, you can get a cool bonus figure of Giratina’s Origin Forme


    July 8th: The Jap’s are a couple of TCG sets ahead of the rest of the world, and with the 12th movie about to be released over there, its no real surprise that their latest set will feature Arceus. Arceus Kourin (The Advent of Arceus). Usually they release a 2×30 card theme decks in the same package (kind of like our starter decks), however this time the Japanese are taking a page out of the western world and having 2 separate 60 card theme decks. Both feature an Arceus Lv X card.


    July 18th: the 12th Movie, currently known as Arceus: Toward a Conquered Space and Time, is released in movie theatres. Don’t expect to see it in English until next year. Also Arceus will finally be available to those who go to see the movie, finally completing people’s Pokedex’s. The Arceus is Lv100 and have the special moves of Dialga, Palkia and Giratina (Roar of Time, Special Rend and Shadow Force) along with its own special move, Judgement. It’s in a cherish ball and is holding a Rowap Berry

    Along with the main star Arceus, the Movie itself is known to feature Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, new Female Pichu (known as the notched ear Pichu due to the notch in its ear), Heatran, and the Johto Starters (a hint as to what’s next for Pokemon maybe?)


     That’s all we’ve got for now, we’ll update this stuff in a month or so with new dates and info