Global Link Promotion and TCG Training Aid

Ok, So here’s something you need to know. Remeber The Global Link Site, which links up your Black and White game with some stuff on your computer (including battle stats and the Dream World), it was due to be released internationally tomorow but has been delayed due to the ongoing problems in Japan. Anyway, before it was released in Japan last year, they ran a promotion where you played a game, and at the end got to pick an Eeveelution. When the Site when live, you would get this pokemon when you synced up your game to the site…

Well its now available to all use International users too…

The Eeveelution that you get comes with a different ability than they can usually get. Most Pokémon now can have a 3rd ability which can only be got through other means beyond getting them randomly in game. Mostly this will be from the dream world, although there are 2 pokemon you can encounter and get their Hidden/Dream World ability in game, Daramanitan and Mushrana… these are special encounters though and wont be found randomly

The Eeveelutions you can get, and the abilities they have are:
Vaporeon – Hydration
Jolteon – Quick Feet
Flareon – Guts
Espeon – Magic Bounce
Umbreon – Inner Focus
Leafeon – Chlorophyll
Glaceon – Ice Body

Vist for more info on this offer and how to access the game you need to play

While your there, you might like to try the TCG training aid. This program lets you play the TCG game against a computer opponet. At the moment you can only chose from 3 theme decks, based on Meganium, Typhlosion and Feraligatr… When the Black and White TCG theme decks are made available next month, they’ll have a code inside them allowing you to use those decks in the program as well. By this september/october, the program will have all cards within the modified format available for you to build your decks with, and allow player vs player matches as well – allowing all those of us who dont have many physical players to play against to try out TCG decks against proper thinking opponents.

The program currently uses Rule updates that will be introduced once the Black and White TCG set is released next month

You’ll need a Trainer Club ID to access both the TCG training aid and the Global Link Site when it launches… Head to to get yours now

Jirachi to be made avalable over Wi-Fi

With the Winner’s Path pokewalker course Wi-Fi Event set to end Friday, the European versions of the HeartGold and SoulSilver microsite have revealed its next Wi-Fi event.

Starting on Saturday 26th June and running until Friday 16 July, a special Jirachi will be available to download on ALL DS versions (Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HG and SS).

Like the Jirachi already given away in Japan, America and Australia via a physical event (and in Japan via Wi-Fi), this Jirachi will unlock a pokewalker course when transfered to (or downloaded on) HG or SS. The Night Sky’s Edge course features moon based pokemon, such as Clafairy.

The Jirachi will be at Level 5 and in a Cherish Ball. It will be holding a Classic Ribbon and a Liechi Berry. It will know the moves Wish, Confusion, Rest and Draco Meteor. It has the Original Trainer SMR2010 and the ID number 06260.

It is unknown if this will be available to US and Australian versions of the game as well as Wi-Fi, but based on previous Wi-Fi Events, it will be.

We’ll bring you more news when we learn it.

New 13th Movie Pokemon to be given away

Yet another pokemon is to be given away to Japanese pokemon fans to tie in to the upcoming 13th movie, Ruller of Illusions Zoroark. But this on will be given away over Wi-fi, meaning anyone with a japanese copy of one of the DS games will be able to get it

Based of of a character called goon, who is a bodyguard for the main badguy for the movie, players will be able to download a Scizor between June 18 to July 14.

The Scizor will be level 50, male and will be in a Cherish Ball holding a Starf Berry and a Classic Ribbon. It will also know the moves X-Scissor, Swords Dance, Iron Defense and Agility, and its ability is Swarm. It has an Adamant nature. None of this will be random and every Scizor downloaded will be the same.

Along with downloading over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, the Scizor will also be available from the Nintendo Zone, DS Download Stations, and participating McDonald’s in Japan itself.

We’ll bring you more when we learn it.

Shiny Legendary Dogs heading for Japan

This months CoroCoro magazine has been released and it contains some post worthy news (which is good because we’ve had nothing to report for a while now)

While there is no details on the new games being released this year (although it does say they will be revealed next month, so details should appear soon), they have detailed the pre-order gift for the latest Pokemon Movie.

Pre-order tickets to see the movie and you’ll be able to download Shiny versions of the legendary dogs, Raikou, Entai and Suicune. Along with being shiny, these three will each know a move they wouldn’t otherwise, Zap-Canon for Raikou, Flare Blitz for Entai while Suicune gets Sheer Cold.

No details on if these three will unlock a special event in HG/SS or if they will make their way over to the west

more when we know it

Special Jirachi Download Headed For US

Back in June last year, Japanese Diamond, Pearl and Platinum players were able to download a special Jirachi the knows Draco Meteor. When traded onto Heart Gold an Soul Silver, this Jirachi unlocks the special Pokewalker course ‘Edge of the Nights Sky’

Now serebii is reporting that between 27th February and 13th March, US gamestop stores will be offering this Jirachi available to download in stores. Until any official announcment is made, these details are subject to change.

The Edge of the Nights Sky course will allow you to catch Clefary, Jiglypuff, Zubat, Hoothoot, Onix and Geodude, as well as obtain items such as Psychic TM, Moonstones and Rare bones. The pokemon dont know moves that they Cannont learn naturally, but they do have moves that the wouldnt learn at the low levels they are at (the Clefairy, for example, is at Level 8 and knows Moonlight, a move it wouldnt normally know until Level 37)

We’ll bring you more news when we discover it.

Members Card Available For Platinum pt2

Yeah, this seems like a bit of a repeat – but its true… in the last news post I said that only American players can get the Members Card that allows them to go catch a Darkrai, well Ryan659 has informed me that European players can also access the Wi-Fi and download the members card as well…

I’m sure that I checked the European Platinum website and it had no details on the Members Card event, yet now it has. No idea on the actual end date, so it’s most likely the same as the Aemrican one, September 13th

Bring you more news when we learn it (or when our wonderful members point it out to us)

Members Card Available for Platinum

We’re still experiancing a lot of technical difficulties around the site. We’re still trying to fix them. It’s possible that the site will go down at some point while our hosts do something, this will last no more than a day but unfortunatly will not be at our control so this is the only warning you’ll get about it. Right, on to the actual news.

Good news for American Pokemon Platinum players. The first Wi-Fi downloadable event item is now available to download. Ok, so technically the Secret Key was the first, but that would only get you into a room to access Rotom’s other forms – this Memebers card will help you actually CATCH your own Darkrai… how cool is that?

You can download the card at anytime between now and September 13th, but you’ll have to beat the elite four, got the national dex and seen Crisselia before you can meet Darkrai at New Moon Island.

Also interesting to note, has just revealed the 493rd Pokemon, Arceus, on their website. This is actually strange as Darkrai and Shaymin were revealed in the later weeks of 2007 and 2008 respectivally. So this is an early reveal for – The question is why? It could be to match up with the release of Arceus in Japan (which is available to download from Japanese Cinema’s) OR it could be beacuse the next Arceus event will be a lot earlier than the last 2 ‘new’ pokemon events, even being towards the end of this year. Whatever the reason, nothing’s being revealed yet. We’ll let you know when it is.

Thanks to Pikalover1234 on the forums for the heads up on those two peices of news… head on over to our forums now to join in the discussions.

Oh – side note, new Pokemon TCG set, Supreme Victors is released on August 19th.