New Pokewalker Course Available Over Wi-Fi from Today

Yesterday was the last day you could download the Yellow Forest Pokewalker Course, a course featuring nothing but Pikachu, including a Surfing Pikachu and a Flying Pikachu.

From today, a different Pokewalker course is available to download. The Winner’s Path, previously known as the Champ’s Path in Japan, is a Pokewalker course that features 6 Pokemon, each knowing a move they wouldn’t know normally.

If you walk over 8000 steps, you’ll get one of the group A Pokemon, a Beldum that knows Zen Headbut or a Munchlax that knows Selfdestruct. Walk between 3000 and 8000 steps and you could find a group B Pokemon such as a Horsea that knows Muddy Water or a Duskull that knows Imprison. Of course, walk any less than 3000 steps and you’ll find a group C Pokemon, either a Bronzor that knows Trick Room or a Magikarp that knows Bounce, which is very useful for a level 5 Pokemon that never knows anything other than Splash.

The course is set to be available over Wi-Fi until June 25th, so you’ve got a while to download it. This is available in both the USA, Europe and Australia/New Zealand regions.

That’s all we have for the moment, hopefully we’ll have more for you soon, as Pokémon Sunday is set to unvail a new Pokémon this week (although it will likely be just a sillouete first like last time) and CoroCoro’s next issue should be leaked on the internet sometime next week as well. As ever, we’ll bring you more news as soon as we learn it

Take a Walk through the Yellow Forest from April

With the release of Heart Gold and Soul Silver yesterday in the States, the official HG/SS microsite has updated on the US side to be the full site. There isn’t much to look at and no information that we don’t already know, but it has revealed the Pokewalker Course ‘The Yellow Forest’ and how to unlock it.

Connecting to the Mystery Gift Wi-Fi (with eithe HG or SS) between April 1st and April 30th (that’s the whole month) you’ll be able to get this course unlocked on you game cart. This special course features nothing but Pikachu to catch, but all of them have different move sets, including one that knows Surf and another that knows Fly.

It’s unknown if this will be available in Europe and Australia at the same time, although based off previous Wi-Fi events it should be. The European and Australian side of the microsite should open up when the games are released in those regions. If the sites then reveal they are to be available on different dates, we’ll let you know.

Don’t forget to drop by the forums to talk about HG and SS, especially if you’ve got a question. We’ll bring you more news when we learn it

Special Jirachi Download Headed For US

Back in June last year, Japanese Diamond, Pearl and Platinum players were able to download a special Jirachi the knows Draco Meteor. When traded onto Heart Gold an Soul Silver, this Jirachi unlocks the special Pokewalker course ‘Edge of the Nights Sky’

Now serebii is reporting that between 27th February and 13th March, US gamestop stores will be offering this Jirachi available to download in stores. Until any official announcment is made, these details are subject to change.

The Edge of the Nights Sky course will allow you to catch Clefary, Jiglypuff, Zubat, Hoothoot, Onix and Geodude, as well as obtain items such as Psychic TM, Moonstones and Rare bones. The pokemon dont know moves that they Cannont learn naturally, but they do have moves that the wouldnt learn at the low levels they are at (the Clefairy, for example, is at Level 8 and knows Moonlight, a move it wouldnt normally know until Level 37)

We’ll bring you more news when we discover it.

Pokémon Center Event (Japan) and Official Website Redesign (USA)

Wouldn’t you just know it, just as you finish saying “there’s nothing interesting happening at the moment”, something interesting goes and happens. News out of Japan says that the Pokémon Centers (the real life ones that sell Pokémon related stuff) are handing out a new Pokéwalker Course between 29th January and the 28th February. The course is appropriately titled ‘Event’ and features Chatot, Sableye, Croagunk, Buneary, Pikachu and Pachurisu.

A little closer to home, The American Pokémon site, has updated their site. Along with a fresh new look (something that’s been needed for a few years), the new site brings several new features including an updated Pokédex, a TCG card dex, several free games to play and episodes of the anime you can watch online. There’s also a trainers club which will allow you to make a custom trainer and earn trainer tokens. The site also combines the old, and now serves all the TCG and Organised Play news and updates that did. The for al those that do Organised Play, part of the new Trainers Club can be used to keep track of all your OP stats.

Along with the fresh new look, the site also has news on the Pokéwalker, confirming that the peripheral will be coming out to with the US versions of Heart Gold and Soul Silver. The article explains nothing new for anyone who’s been following HG/SS since their announcements, explaining that the walker is used to level up Pokémon when not playing the game, it can be used to catch additional Pokémon and items and can communicate with other Pokéwalkers in a feature reminiscent of the original Mystery Gift option in the original Gold and Silver games, giving both users a free gift via infra red, but only once per person, per day and up to ten maximum.

Still no info on Heart Gold and Soul Silver in any form for Europe, nor has the UK official Pokémon site had a refresh (something its needed doing longer than the US one). We’ll bring you more news when we learn about it.

Stop the presses: Nintendo uses the word Shiny!

Ok, so they’ve yet to do it in an official game yet, but has just launched its Heart Gold & Soul Silver Microsite. And along with confirming the US launch date as March 14th 2010, the site also has details on the Spiky Eared Pichu event.

If you’ve missed all the previous news posts about this Pokémon, here’s how it works. There’s a special Pichu who’s in the 12th Pokémon movie Arceus and the Jewel of Life. The Pichu is like most Pichu but one of it’s ears has some extra spiky length to it, thus why its called the Spiky Eared Pichu. This Pichu is available to capture in a special event in Heart Gold and Soul Silver by taking a special, event given Pikachu-coloured Pichu to Ilex Forest. After the event, you will have the Spiky Eared Pichu, which you can use like any other pokemon. However unlike any other pokemon, this Pichu cannot be traded nor can it evolve.

The Microsite says that details on how to obtain the shiny Pikachu-coloured Pichu will be revealed at a later date. The site even uses the word shiny when describing the Pichu, which Nintendo have never really done. Still, we’ll bring you details of the event when they are revealed.

Still no details on a European release, I myself am still predicting May.

On a side note, owners of  a Japanese copy of Heart Gold and Soul Silver will be able to download the Champ Path pokewalker course between January 13th and 27th 2010… meaning that there will have been some kind of Wi-fi event on from November the 11th up until Febuary 11th, with only a 2 day break in between each event. The Champ Path course was previously available to anybody who attended the Battle Road Tournament and features level 5 pokemon knowing moves they wouldnt ordinarily know such as Munchlax which knows Selfdestruct, Beldum which knows Zen Headbut, Bronzor which knows Trick Room, Duskull that knows Imprison, Horse with Muddy Water and Magikarp that knows Bounce.

We’ll bring you more news when we know it