Junichi Masuda On Pokémon Sunday

The main man at Gamefreak, makers of Pokemon, Junichi Masuda was on Pokémon Sunday this week… although there really isnt anything to report much. Masuda didn’t reveal anything new on the show… well he would have done had CoroCoro Magazine not leaked 24 hours before.

Masuda revealed the Purple Cat Choroneko, claiming it was a world exclusive – true had CoroCoro not leaked and then there was the advert for that pre-bw show as well but otherwise, yeah exlusive! See, this is the problem you have when you pre-record the show.

We knew N had a Choroneko, but Masuda reveales that he’s part of N’s starting line up the first time you fight him.

Masuda also revealed Desukaan, Denchura, and Ononokusu, again nothing new thanks to CoroCoro.

A couple of pieces of info that may be interesting, Mijumaru learns the move ‘Shell Blade’ at level 7.

Chillarmy and Minezumi are the first Pokémon you’ll see in the wild, which everyone could probably have guessed at anyway

Mamoko, the girl who helps you access the Dream World, gives you HM01 Cut. We werent sure if HM’s were going to be in the game since TM’s are now reusable, but here’s proof otherwise.

Lastly, Masuda said that no character from any of the previous games will be showing up in this one, so dont expect a cameo from Proffessor Oak (first game he hasn’t appeared in i beleive)

Well, that’s all we have for the moment – during the next week, Pokemon Black and White could possibly be leaked, and we’ll learn all what we want to know about the games – get ready people, the news craziness is about to begin!

New Pokemon and Black & White are Perfect!

I appologise that I’m a couple of days late on this one, I went back to work this week and as many of you may know from going back to School after a few weeks off, it takes a few days to get your head back together.

There’s a TV Special coming up in Japan called ‘Can’t Wait! Pre-BW Special’ which is set to air September 16th as a Pokemon Sunday type show. Since its not airing on a Sunday, the crew from Pokemon Sunday can’t be live in their studio… so they’re showing up in Animated form instead. While this is cool in itself, as part of the trailer for the show, there is a nice group shot of the Pokemon Sunday crew in animated form and various Pokemon in the background… including this guy:

Now, I’ve not seen any mention of a Purple Cat Pokemon in any of the new pokemon news we’ve covered, so here’s an acidental leak of a brand new pokemon – hopefully we’ll find out about this little guy sooner rather than later, as other than the picture there, we dont know anything else about it.

If you want to see the whole crew animated (including the first official apearance of Tabunne outside of the demo bus tour, well here it is:

In our other piece of news, Pokemon Black and White are Perfect – Fact! Famitsu magazine is the number one Games reveiwer in the whole of Japan, and many beleive the whole word as well. Using 4 reviewers scoring the game out of 10, Famitsu gives games an overall score out of 40 – High 30’s means the game is great. Over its long history only 14 games have been given a perfect score, with the very amazing Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time being the first.

Well today that number becomes 15 as Pokémon Black and White has scored a perfect 40/40 score from Famitsu. Congrats to the First Pokemon games to become a part of Gaming Genius

Its interesting to note that the Pokémon Games have been increasing in scores over the years, When Ruby and Sapphire came out, they got a 33, Diamond and Pearl received a 35, Platinum got a 36 while HG/SS scored a 37… at the progression rate these games have scored, a perfect was bound to happen eventually

That’s all we have for now, We expect a new issue of CoroCoro magazine around the corner, The main Man Junichi Masuda is on Pokemon Sunday this week, hopefully revealling lots about the games – and we’re just over a week away from the games actual release… its going to be a big and busy time for Pokemon news, we’ll try to keep on top of it all – you just keep coming here for your news!

Warning: The Following Information May Not Be True

Ok, so here’s a weird one. There are pictures floating around the internet (originating from 2ch like every other pokemon leak) of images of the Evolutions of the Pokemon Starters. The strange thing about them is the constant conflicting reports we’re getting of their legitimacy. One minute they could be real, the next their faked… then the next some super secret source comes around and says they’re real.

We at The Pika Club don’t like to post Pokémon until we know they’re real (although, we have been caught out once so far this generation) – however the constant back and forth has made us curious to see what our visiters think

Well, that’s them – my personal opinion is that the art style, and how they’re presented, dont match up to all the previous reveals so far. That of course doesnt mean they’re fake either, and there are elements in all of the evolutions that i can easily see being there anyway. What do you think about these evolutions, like or dislike – either post a comment or drop by the forums and let everyone know, and we’ll keep you updated with how this one turns out as we find out.

In other ‘its so obvious it could be true or could be faked’ news, remeber Yanappu? the green monkey thing revealed officially by Pokemon Sunday a couple of weeks ago? Well he might have a couple of brothers… or someone might be playing an obvious trick on us.

You can (only just) see a Blue looking monkey shape next to the back sprite of Yanappu in the above screen shot. Its not a shiny version, as the head does look slightly different. So does Yanappu have an alternate version? Well acording to the information posted on 2ch with this screenshot, it does. Along with the Grass Type Yanappu, there will be a Water Type version called Baoppu (pictured) and a Fire Type called Hiyappu. This could make sense. In Ruby and Sapphire, Pokemon like Plusle & Minun and Solrock & Lunatune were brought in to help promote the gimick of 2v2 battles. With 3v3 battles now being introduced in Black and White, could they be trying to do the same thing – we already know that Yanappu has a move that is very usefull in 3v3 battles (acrobat), which the other versions are rumoured to know as well.

Then again, somebody could be taking that logic to fool us, so again, this one could turn out to be faked – we’ll keep you updated on this as well as we learn more.

Remember – there is only 2 Weeks left before Black and White are finally released in Japan – hopefully we’ll find out all we need to know before then

Pokémon Sunday Reveal Yanapuu

Its been a bit of a slow news time, thus why we’ve all been playing the new Adoption Agency!

What was revealed as a (still in production) toy months ago and at some points thought to be fake is now confirmed as a real, 100% 5th Gen Pokémon

Pokémon Sunday this week revealed this guy to the world, the latest in 5th Generation Pokémon

This guy is Yanapuu, the Grass Monkey Pokémon. It stands 0.6m tall and weighs 10.5kg. Its a Grass type, has the abillity Gluttony and has a new attack called Acrobat, which is beleived to be a flying move due to it hitting Tsutajaa (a grass type) with it and the statement ‘its super effective’ came up on screen. the other reason why its thought to be a flying type instead of fire or ice is that while Acrobat seems like a ordinary move, in Triple battles, it will allow you to hit opponents out of your range. Usually if your not in the center, you can’t attack the oppnenent furthest away from you (on the right if your on the left and visa versa). Acrobat, however, will allow you to attack these opponents while being placed safely out of thier retaliation range.

That’s all we have for now. Don’t forget to drop by the Forums and post your thoughts on anything to do with Black and White, or Pokemon in general. We’ll bring you more news when we learn it

New Legendary Pokémon Revealed

Pokémon Sunday once again reveales a new Pokémon – and by reveal we mean we’ve actually seen this guy before.

Meet Victini, the latest 5th Gen Pokémon to be revealed by Pokémon Sunday. This little guy actually showed up at the end of the 13th movie currently being shown in cinema’s in Japan at the moment, so his image isnt exactly new, but this is the first time we’ve got a name to the face. Interestingly, this little fellow actualy has one very interesting thing going for it

As shown in the above post, Bukutini actually has the Pokédex number 000 in the Isshu dex, coming in before Tsutaja, a first for any event only legendary (who usually appear a the end of the region’s dex).

Speaking of it being event only, we know exaclty how to get one too. By downloading an item called the Liberty Ticket you will be able to get Victini (possibly through an in game event unlocked by said item). The Liberty Ticket will be available from Black and White’s release on 18th September up till 18th October via Wi-Fi (and the usual Pokemon Center’s and other distrabution points in Japan).

That’s all we’ve got for the moment – we’ll bring you more when we know it

New Pokémon revealed

We know that this Sunday in Japan, Pokémon Sunday is due to reveal even more new Pokémon on its show (after revealing several last week), however Oua Suta, a Japanese veriaty show that has been previewing a lot of Pokémon Black and White Recently, revealed yet another new Pokémon while showcasing the game.

With thanks to Flib.de for the above picture, we see a new Pokémon on the right of the team called Mamanbō, which looks a bit like a Lovedisc – a coincidence or is this a new evolution, only time will tell. The strange rock pokemon in the center of the squad has been previously seen on Oua Suta, but it’s name was shown to be Gigaiasu

We’ll bring you more news when we learn it, hopefully more news will be out this Sunday thanks to Pokémon Sunday, more new Pokémon could be revealed by Oua Suta and there are other sources where new Pokémon could be revealed at any time.

Pokémon Sunday 18/07/2010

Courtesy of Filb.de

This week’s Pokémon Sunday episode recently aired in Japan and while it did not bring about any new Pokémon it did bring some new information as well as the chance to listen to some of the in-game music. The video shows off Black City and White Forest, the two areas that differ depending on which version of the game you get as well as confirming that you definitely battle Cheren and Belle. Also in a first we see the protagonist talking to N in first person with a full face shot against the backdrop of a ferris wheel.

Interestingly the video also shows off the Pokémon Global Link and Dream world. From what is shown it appears that you upload your Pokémon from your game to the Pokémon Global Link which is then accessed through a website on your browser. This appears to be the dream world previously discussed. This is all tentative speculation at the moment – hopefully we’ll learn more about this soon.

Kibago vs Munna

The video also shows off the new more animated battles. We see Kibago using some sort of physical attack that hits Munna multiple times in one move as well as some other battles between known new Pokémon.

Pokémon Sunday promises to go into greater depth about 3v3 battles next week and apparently the next issue of CoroCoro is set to reveal a new legendary Pokémon. We can only wait and see!

More New Pokemon coming soon and a new Japanese Wi-Fi Download on the horrizon

Ok, so we’ve just filled you in on some of the new Pokémon that have been leaked during the past week or so, we’ll there looks like there are even more on the horrizon. Pokémon Sunday this week showed another sillouete in a teaser for next weeks show, saying they have more Black and White footage to reveal. The sillouete does not match any of the Pokémon being leaked so far, so we’re guaranteed to know about 1 new pokemon in the next week. However the way it was worded made it sound like they will reveal even more Pokémon, which means we could get confirmation (along with names and other vital bits of info) on some of the Pokémon posted in the previous post.

We’re also expecting the next issue of CoroCoro magazine soon. While not officially released until next week, the info and some scans are usually leaked a few days earlier and usually contains all the info Pokémon Sunday is due to show, so expect More New Pokémon sometime during this week.

In other news, Japan currently has a Wi-Fi event going on that will allow any Japenese Pokémon DS game to download a Scizor representing the one owned by Goon, a henchman in the new 13th movie Ruller of Illusions: Zoroark. This event finishes on the 14th July, so if you have a Japanese copy of any DS Pokémon game, you might want to get on Wi-Fi quickly to download it. On the 15th July, a new Wi-Fi event will occur on the Japanese games. Representing Satoshi’s main Pokémon (that’s Ash Ketchum to you or me), a Lv 50 Pikachu will be available to download. Holding a Light Ball, it will know the moves Volt Tackle, Iron Tail, Quick Attack and Thunderbolt. It will apparently have the Naughty Nature. The event will be available until August 10th.

That’s all we have now, we’ll bring you more news as soon as we can

New Pokémon announced

It seems Pokémon Sunday offered more than just a firm Japanese release date but the rest seemed to pass us by unnoticed somehow. We’re here to fix this now because Pokémon Sunday also revealed some other important things: a couple of trailers, one of which reveals some new Pokémon! These videos are courtesy of Filb.de.

The first one shows some meager footage and isn’t especially exciting. The most notable revelation is the Japanese release date.

The second video however is much more exciting as it offers up footage of 8 new Pokémon!

As you can see, as well as new Pokémon the footage also reveals that Pokémon Black/White will have 3 on 3 battles! As for the new Pokémon, information for your dissemination below.

Moguryu (モグリュー) – A mole Pokémon by the look of things.

Doryuuzu (ドリュウズ) – The evolution of Moguryu

Desukan (デスカーン) – What looks to be a sarcophagus Pokémon.

Ononokusu (オノノクス) – A mantis-esque Pokémon. Definitely my favourite of the bunch.

Denchura (デンチュラ) – A tarantula Pokémon.

??? (???) – Then we have 3 new Pokémon we don’t know anything about. These were used to show off the new 3-on-3 battle feature but we didn’t get a look at their names unfortunately. What looks like a ghost type thing, a rock type thing and a…who knows what that thing on the end is supposed to be.

So what do you think of the new Pokémon? Join the discussion in the comments and on our forums!

Pokémon Black and White Officially Dated for Japan

Just a quick update. Pokémon Sunday this week revealed the Official Release date for Pokémon Black and Pokémon White will be the 18th September 2010.

The 5th Generation games will feature loads of new Pokémon including the legendaries Reshiram and Zekrom, and is set in the new Isshu region. They are being made for the Nintendo DS system, and is expected to have some addition features that will work on a Nintendo DSi system.

Pokémon Black and White are also expected to be released in the USA and Europe in Spring 2011.

More news when we learn about it