New Pokémon announced

It seems Pokémon Sunday offered more than just a firm Japanese release date but the rest seemed to pass us by unnoticed somehow. We’re here to fix this now because Pokémon Sunday also revealed some other important things: a couple of trailers, one of which reveals some new Pokémon! These videos are courtesy of

The first one shows some meager footage and isn’t especially exciting. The most notable revelation is the Japanese release date.

The second video however is much more exciting as it offers up footage of 8 new Pokémon!

As you can see, as well as new Pokémon the footage also reveals that Pokémon Black/White will have 3 on 3 battles! As for the new Pokémon, information for your dissemination below.

Moguryu (モグリュー) – A mole Pokémon by the look of things.

Doryuuzu (ドリュウズ) – The evolution of Moguryu

Desukan (デスカーン) – What looks to be a sarcophagus Pokémon.

Ononokusu (オノノクス) – A mantis-esque Pokémon. Definitely my favourite of the bunch.

Denchura (デンチュラ) – A tarantula Pokémon.

??? (???) – Then we have 3 new Pokémon we don’t know anything about. These were used to show off the new 3-on-3 battle feature but we didn’t get a look at their names unfortunately. What looks like a ghost type thing, a rock type thing and a…who knows what that thing on the end is supposed to be.

So what do you think of the new Pokémon? Join the discussion in the comments and on our forums!