New Pokémon tentatively announced

A few days ago an image was leaked on a Japanese imageboard purporting to be from a developmental sheet for the Pokémon anime. What is interesting is that this image, while small and blurry, seems to show off 4 new Pokémon including evolutions for two of the starters.

As ‘new Pokémon’ scans always pop up during development of a new Pokémon generation this was not paid much heed until recently when the new girl from the character sheet appeared in silhouette form at the end of the trailer for the new Pokémon anime series, ‘Pocket Monsters Best Wishes’ which was shown after a trailer for the new movie in Japan after this week’s latest Pokémon anime episode.

This isn’t confirmed news by any means but the consistency of the girl lends it credence. Since the sheet is so small it’s hard to clearly see what the names of the new Pokémon are – the best guess given is that the Pokémon to the left of Jesse’s head is  コロモリ (Koromori). With such tiny text it’s really anyone’s guess until more information is revealed and we can say for sure whether this is real or not.

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