New Pokemon and Black & White are Perfect!

I appologise that I’m a couple of days late on this one, I went back to work this week and as many of you may know from going back to School after a few weeks off, it takes a few days to get your head back together.

There’s a TV Special coming up in Japan called ‘Can’t Wait! Pre-BW Special’ which is set to air September 16th as a Pokemon Sunday type show. Since its not airing on a Sunday, the crew from Pokemon Sunday can’t be live in their studio… so they’re showing up in Animated form instead. While this is cool in itself, as part of the trailer for the show, there is a nice group shot of the Pokemon Sunday crew in animated form and various Pokemon in the background… including this guy:

Now, I’ve not seen any mention of a Purple Cat Pokemon in any of the new pokemon news we’ve covered, so here’s an acidental leak of a brand new pokemon – hopefully we’ll find out about this little guy sooner rather than later, as other than the picture there, we dont know anything else about it.

If you want to see the whole crew animated (including the first official apearance of Tabunne outside of the demo bus tour, well here it is:

In our other piece of news, Pokemon Black and White are Perfect – Fact! Famitsu magazine is the number one Games reveiwer in the whole of Japan, and many beleive the whole word as well. Using 4 reviewers scoring the game out of 10, Famitsu gives games an overall score out of 40 – High 30’s means the game is great. Over its long history only 14 games have been given a perfect score, with the very amazing Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time being the first.

Well today that number becomes 15 as Pokémon Black and White has scored a perfect 40/40 score from Famitsu. Congrats to the First Pokemon games to become a part of Gaming Genius

Its interesting to note that the Pokémon Games have been increasing in scores over the years, When Ruby and Sapphire came out, they got a 33, Diamond and Pearl received a 35, Platinum got a 36 while HG/SS scored a 37… at the progression rate these games have scored, a perfect was bound to happen eventually

That’s all we have for now, We expect a new issue of CoroCoro magazine around the corner, The main Man Junichi Masuda is on Pokemon Sunday this week, hopefully revealling lots about the games – and we’re just over a week away from the games actual release… its going to be a big and busy time for Pokemon news, we’ll try to keep on top of it all – you just keep coming here for your news!