New Pokémon revealed

We know that this Sunday in Japan, Pokémon Sunday is due to reveal even more new Pokémon on its show (after revealing several last week), however Oua Suta, a Japanese veriaty show that has been previewing a lot of Pokémon Black and White Recently, revealed yet another new Pokémon while showcasing the game.

With thanks to for the above picture, we see a new Pokémon on the right of the team called Mamanbō, which looks a bit like a Lovedisc – a coincidence or is this a new evolution, only time will tell. The strange rock pokemon in the center of the squad has been previously seen on Oua Suta, but it’s name was shown to be Gigaiasu

We’ll bring you more news when we learn it, hopefully more news will be out this Sunday thanks to Pokémon Sunday, more new Pokémon could be revealed by Oua Suta and there are other sources where new Pokémon could be revealed at any time.