New Legendary Pokémon Revealed

Pokémon Sunday once again reveales a new Pokémon – and by reveal we mean we’ve actually seen this guy before.

Meet Victini, the latest 5th Gen Pokémon to be revealed by Pokémon Sunday. This little guy actually showed up at the end of the 13th movie currently being shown in cinema’s in Japan at the moment, so his image isnt exactly new, but this is the first time we’ve got a name to the face. Interestingly, this little fellow actualy has one very interesting thing going for it

As shown in the above post, Bukutini actually has the Pokédex number 000 in the Isshu dex, coming in before Tsutaja, a first for any event only legendary (who usually appear a the end of the region’s dex).

Speaking of it being event only, we know exaclty how to get one too. By downloading an item called the Liberty Ticket you will be able to get Victini (possibly through an in game event unlocked by said item). The Liberty Ticket will be available from Black and White’s release on 18th September up till 18th October via Wi-Fi (and the usual Pokemon Center’s and other distrabution points in Japan).

That’s all we’ve got for the moment – we’ll bring you more when we know it