3rd Pokémon Ranger Game given English Name

It’s E3 week this week, and today Nintendo had their Keynote Speech. For those that dont know, the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is one of the biggest shows in the Video Game industry, where everyone unvails thier new games, hardward and other suprises.

While it didn’t feature in the main show itself, Nintendo is showing off additional titles at the show to all those that attend, and have posted a list and previews of those games. One of those is the 3rd game in the Pokémon Ranger series. Translated as Tracks of Light in Japan, its now been renamed Guardian Signs for the English market. This will be based off the Symbols you can draw on the DS to call up various Pokémon to aid you. The Ukukele Pichu that joins you as your partner Pokémon keeps its name from its Japanese version. Pokémon Ranger Guardian Signs is set to be released in America before the end of the year.

Head to http://e3.nintendo.com/ds/game/?g=pokemon to see the preview video for the game, and check out the other Nintendo games coming out in the next 12 months, including the DS successor, the Nintendo 3DS!

More news when we learn about it.

Nintendo Revals New Handheld System

Today (or yesterday if you’re in Japan) Nintendo revealed some details about a new Handheld system they plan to have released in Japan by this time next year (or end of March 2011 if you want a specific time frame).

Currently known as the Nintendo 3DS, the system will allow the player to experiance games in 3D (do you see what they’ve done with the name there). While not much is known about the console yet, it is said that the games will be in 3D without the player needing to wear any special glasses, and that it will be fully backwards compatible with the DS and DSi games (although are there any actual DSi games out there, cause I’ve never seen one).

The current rumour is that the system will be able to create an illusion of depth based on the position of your head, which it picks up via a special sensor detecting head movement. This rumour has come about based on an interveiw from Satoru Iwata who said the next DS should be able to “read the movement of people playing”

Nintendo is due to unvaile the console and more details at E3 in June. We’ll bring you more news when we know it. In the meantime, dont forget to swing by the Forums and post, especially if you wish to discuss Heart Gold and Soul Silver