Pokémon Sunday Teases Black and White Starters…

Pokémon Sunday has just aired in Japan and has revealed the new starters for the upcoming Pokémon Black and White games… sort of. Just like Zoroark, the show has shown a sillouete of the three Pokémon with the promise of revealing them fully next week.

As you can see above, assuming they will be keeping with the traditional grass-fire-water combo of the previous games, the top one shadow could be the grass starter, with a couple of leaves on its head and a curly tail. The bottom left kind of looks like its tale might be on fire, while the one on the right has a beavers like tail. Of course, that’s pure speculation on my part, and we wont know more until Next week’s Pokémon Sunday at the latest. I say at the latest as the new issue of CoroCoro is due out soon, and the information should be leaked out this week, so we could know more in the next couple of days.

If you want to make your own speculation about the new Pokémon, or about the new games in general, either comment below or head on over to our forums and talk about it in this topic

We’ll bring you more information when we learn it, and we’re hoping to learn it soon!!!