Union Room

Pokémon Fire Red/Leaf Green came bundled with a wireless adapter, which allows you access to the Union Room. This is a place where you can talk, trade and battle wirelessly with other people in the same room as you. You also have access to the Berry Crusher.


Berry Crushing

Berry Crushing is Fire Red/Leaf Green’s version of Ruby/Sapphire’s Berry mixing. You must be in the Union Room to use it.

You also need the Key Item, ‘Powder Jar’. This is located in the western house north of the Pokémon Centre in Cerulean City.

Berry Crushing involves all players placing a berry into the device and tapping A rhythmically. The better you do, the more juice points you get. These can be exchanged for items at the house north east of the Pokémon Centre in Cerulean City.

Item Name Berry Juice Points
Energypowder 50
Energy Root 80
Heal Powder 50
Revival Herb 300
Protein 1,000
Iron 1,000
Cabos 1,000
Calcium 1,000
Zinc 1,000
HP Up 1,000
PP Up 3,000