Berry Tree Locations

Pokémon Gold/Silver introduced the idea of berries. Berries are items that can be held by Pokémon and used in battles automatically for various effects. The locations of the berry trees and their effects are listed below. Each berry tree can be picked daily.

Description: Restores 10 HP
Location: Route 11, 29, 30, 38, 46. National Park (Prize), Wild, Trade, Gift.

Bitter Berry
Description: Cures confused Pokemon
Location: Route 1, 31, 43. Blackthorn City, Gift.

Burnt Berry
Description: Cures frozen Pokemon
Location: Route 44. Fuchsia City, Pewter City, Wild, Gift.

Gold Berry
Description: Restores 30 HP
Location: National Park (Prize), Trade, Gift.

Ice Berry
Description: Cures burned Pokemon
Location: Route 26, 36. Pewter City, Trade, Gift.

Mint Berry
Description: Wakes up sleeping Pokemon
Location: Route 39. Pewter City, Gift.

Miracle Berry
Description: Cures all conditions
Location: Gift

Mystery Berry
Description: Restores PP
Location: Route 35, 45. Trade.

Paralyzecure Berry
Description: Cures paralyzed Pokemon
Location: Route 8, 46. Violet City, Gift.

Poisoncure Berry
Description: Cures poisoned Pokemon
Location: Route 2, 30, 33. Gift.