The Most & Least Recognisable Pokémon

There has been little official Pokémon news as you might expect following the recent release of Pokémon Black/White so in the meanwhile we have some more lighthearted news straight from the fans.

Now that our Pokédexs our over halfway to cataloguing 1,000 of the creatures, some Pokémon are bound to stick out more than others. Pikachu is probably the most recognisable Pokémon of all, but what about the least recognisable? Quiz website Sporcle recently ran a series of quizzes asking how many people recognised the Pokémon from different generations and with over 1 million participants it’s certainly a good estimation of some of the most and least popular Pokémon. Here, then, are the most and least recognisable Pokémon from each generation with the percentage of people who recognised them. Do you know them all?

Most Recognisable

Gen I: Pikachu 93.5% / Charmander 92.7% / Squirtle 91% / Bulbasaur 90.7% / Charizard 89.6%

Gen II: Chikorita 84.4% / Cyndaquil 83.9% / Totodile 82.8% / Bayleef 81.4% / Lugia 81.3%

Gen III: Mudkip 93.7% / Torchic 91% / Blaziken 86.2% / Treecko 85.7% / Swampert 83.5%

Gen IV: Piplup 90.1% / Chimchar 88.9% / Turtwig 87.6% / Infernape 85.5% / Empoleon 84.2%

Gen V: Snivy 88.3% / Tepig 87.7% / Victini 81.1% / Oshawott 81.1% / Emboar 73.4%

Least Recognisable

Gen I: Marowak 36.7% / Kingler 35.4% / Lickitung 33.7% / Exeggcute 31.4% / Exeggutor 31.1%

Gen II: Slugma 37.1% / Shuckle 35.9% / Magcargo 34.3% / Qwilfish 34% / Corsola 33.9%

Gen III: Chimecho 41.3% / Crawdaunt 41.1% / Corphish 41.1% / Whiscash 39.2% / Barboach 38.8%

Gen IV: Finneon 38.1% / Lumineon 37.9% / Chingling 37.4% / Chatot 37.1% / Mantyke 36%

Gen V: Accelgor 20.6% / Stunfisk 20.5% / Elgyem 17.7% / Amoonguss 16.6% / Beheeyem 15.6%


So what do you think of the results? It’s probably no surprise the most recognisable Pokémon are nearly all  starters but how about the least recognisable? Can you picture them all by name alone? With the exception of Gen V because it is so new I can recognise them all, how about you?

Fans give Pokémon Mini new lease of life

It’s very unusual for us to comment on the machinations of unofficial fan made works but a piece of news was recently brought to my attention that piqued my interest. The Pokémon Mini, which was released in 2001/2002 and is still the world’s smallest console with interchangeable cartridges, was given a new lease of life a few months ago when several skilled hackers finally managed to crack the console. This means that homebrew games can now be run on the tiny console, which packs a surprising whollop considering its size.

Pokémon Mini: The world's smallest interchangeable cartridge console

The story is a few months old now but it could always do with some more attention. If you’re one of the admittedly few owners of this console and you fancy getting some more out of it then head over to and take a look!