Last Reminder: Pokemon Marathon

Just a quick and final reminder that start their Pokémon marathon tonight from 6pm central time (about 12 midnight gmt). Their goal is to catch all 493 Pokémon in 72 hours. They will be playing Leaf Green, Fire Red, Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond, Pearl, Heart Gold and Soul Silver. Any event only Pokémon will be pre-loaded onto one of the carts, but other than that they will be catching all Pokémon from scratch. Whether they achive the feat in 72 hours or not, they will be raising money for cancer charity Ally’s House. You can watch their attempt from the live streams on their website.

Edit 1: As per Pikachu3828 request, I’m going to update periodically the speed gamers progress on their marathon. At the 15 hour mark, they’ve managed to catch 150 Pokémon and raise just over $4,000 for Ally’s House. Also Within the first couple of hours of the marathon, the speed gamers read out my name, donation and comment wishing them luck… so I was feeling really awesome at that point.

Edit 2: 24 Hours have past, 2 days left on the marathon and things are going well. The Ruby version has just beater the elite 4, The Fire Red has finished catching all the Pokémon they planned to capture in that version, they’re over 200 captured total and have currently raised $5,600 of thier $15,000 target.

Edit 3: Over half way though in every respect. At the 40 hour mark they’ve caught over 280 pokemon and raised over $7,200. They’re looking good to complete the task.

Edit 4: 2 Days done, 1 to go. At the 48 Hour mark, they’ve caught around 350 Pokémon, and raised over $8,400. If they manage to raise another $600 in the next 3 hours, one of the speed gamers (Phil) will eat a lolipop with a worm in it. An actual, real worm inside a green lolipop. And he will eat it, but only if they hit $9,000 in the next 3 hours.

Edit 5: Not long to go now. At the 55 Hour mark they’ve caught around 410 Pokémon, less than 100 to catch/evolve, trading them all to one cart is a secondary objective which they will do if they have time. On the chartiy side, they’ve managed to raise $12,200 – so they are getting ever so closer to their $15,000 target.

Edit 6: Final Edit. Well they managed to do it. They’ve got 493 Pokémon in just over 72 hour. Unfortunatly they over ran by a few minutes, but its still a tremendious acheivement. As for their donations, they’ve managed to raise well above their target, with it currently up to $17,500 – the donations will still be up till X-mas eve, so if you can donate, drop by and do so. Congratulation Speed Gamers, you guys are awesome!

Not so Quiet on the Eastern Front

It’s been a bit quiet recently in regards to pokemon news. Not a lot has been going on… at least until now.

First out of the block is news that the Next Pokémon Movie has been anounced. The 13th Pokémon movie will still be apart of the Diamond and Pearl set (although is a seperate entry from the previous 3 movies that were linked together) and will be called Phantom Champion Z. The movie will focus on Jhoto Legendary pokemon, including the 3 legendary dogs and Celebi. The movie is scheduled for release in Japan in July 2010.

The second piece of news is a possible  release date for Heart Gold and Soul Silver for America. Amazon has updated its pages for the two items with both the box art for the games (which includes the Pokéwalker) and a release date of March 14th 2010 (which is a saturday, matching the release of the previous couple of games). While Amazon on its own is not the most reliable source for release dates, this could mean that the announcment for the release could be soon. If the date IS accuralte, it ALSO matches the prediction I made earlier this year right here – now all I need is to be right for the European Release and I rock.

Don’t forget to vote in the new website poll on the right. Is the Most Christmas like Pokémon the presant delivering Delibird, the raindeer like Stantler, The Christmas Tree imitator Snover or Pikachu in a santa hate – its completly up to you to decide. Also drop by the forums and tell us what you’d like us to work on around the site over the festive season in this thread – Take part in the Forum Competition (which this month is a caption competition), look out for a new forum based roleplay starting up soon and of course generally post and talk around the forums.

We’ll leave you with a reminder that the speed gamers start their attempt at catching all 493 Pokémon from scratch in 3 days this Friday 18th December at 6pm CST. The marathon aims to raise money for Ally’s House, a charity who helps Children suffering from cancer.

Pokemon Charity Marathon

As you can see by the lack of news in the last couple of days, there isn’t a lot going on in the Pokemon world… well there is, but nobody’s telling anybody else about it, and until they do we can’t tell you. So for the moment you’ll have to do with the news that, a group of high school video game players who do gaming marathon’s for charity, performed a Pokemon experiment in the last couple of days. The group split into two teams, one tasked with playing through Red, Gold and Ruby while the other played through Blue, Silver and Saphire to see who could complete them first. R/B was considered complete after the elite 4, G/S was complete after they beat Red on Mt. Silver while Ru/Sa was classed as complete once the elite 4 had been beat.

While the Red Team managed to win on the Generation one games, it was the Blue Team who won overall, completing both Silver and Sapphire before the other team. All donations that they managed to raise during this marathon went to the charity Child’s Play and the ExtraLives group will be doing a Sonic the Hedgehog marathon in July.