Movie 14 news!

So the first part of this news I acctually missed, sorry but its been a rottern week for me. Anyway, moving on…

The official Japanese Pokemon website has posted its first details on Pokemon Movie 14 – the next movie out in japanese cinema’s next summer. This will be the first movie tied into the Best Wishes saga, which is based off the Black and White games and is currently airing in Japan.

The next movie is currently titled: Victini and the Dark Hero. A lot of sources are translating it as Black hero, but it seems to use a word that means more in shadow rather than the actual colour, so dark seems more apropriate. As in the past, the title may change closer to the release to reflect the introduction of a Pokemon they’re trying to keep secret at the moment. never was a greater example than this years movie, originally titled Phantom Champion Z when it was announced, it was changed to Phantom Champion Zoroark after Zoroark was revealed. The dark hero could be one of the event legendaries from the new Black and White games, then again, it could also be some evil person – we wont know until next year when we get more details on the movie.

Oha Suta aired a trailer… its currently viewable by those aweomse guys over at so head there check out Zekrom and Victini in anime action.

Now here’s the latest bit of news on this subject – In celibration of the movie, a Special Victini will be given away as a downloadable event pokemon in Japan. Said to be different to the one caught in the games, there isnt a lot known right now about the little guy. Traditionally there are 2 event downloads per movie. The first is given to those who pre-order thier movie tickets while the second is for those who go and see the movie in cinemas. We don’t know which this Victini will be, but if an event pokemon is in the next movie and is added to title of the movie, then logicially the Victini download would be the pre-order Pokemon

That’s all we have right now, we’ll bring you more when we know it