Heart Gold and Soul Silver dated for Release

The Official site for Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver got a very small update today, but it was with some important information. The release date for the Japanese launch of HG/SS will be September 12th (a Saturday, if your interested). They will be on sale for ¥4800 each. This is around the same time as the past few years when Pokemon games have been released (Diamond/Pearl and Platinum all were released in September in Japan). If the US and European releases follow the same as they have for the past couple of years, the US should see the games around early Spring/Easter time while Europe should see it around late Spring/early Summer. Those are guesses however and as soon as we know the actuall release date’s for those two areas, we’ll let you know.

In other Pokemon news, Pokemon Center stores in Japan are giving away some special Jirachi merchandice in celebration of the Tanabata festival in August. From 21st July to Aug 26th, Showing the special Jirachi knowing Draco Meteor (available for download over Wi-fi on all Japanese Diamond, Pearl and Platinum games between June 19th to July 17) will get you the special Jirachi merchandice. The store will also be selling a special Jirachi Plush Doll on July 1st for ¥980

That’s all we have for now – we’ll bring you more when we learn about it