New USA/EUR/AUS Wi-Fi Event

Sorry we’re a couple of days late with this, been kind of a hectic few days personally. The Official HeartGold/SoulSilver pokemon site has announced the latest Wi-Fi event for the 2 games. Starting on July 31st, the Enigma Crystal will be available to download on all American, European and Astraliasia versions of HG and SS.

The Enigma Crystal is a key item that will allow you to catch a Latias or Latios depending on your game. After you get the National pokedex in HG/SS and took a vist to the Pokémon fan club building in Vermillion, Latias will start roaming Kanto in HeartGold, while Latios will do the same for players of SoulSilver. The Enigma Crystal is an item that will allow you to catch the other Lati*s that roams your game.

By taking the Crystal to the Pewter City Museam, some expert will look at it and turn it into a Soul Dew (an item that goes very well held by a Lati*s) – upon exiting the Museam, Latias will show up if your playing SS while Latios will apear if your on HG. They will then battle you, allowing you to capture them.

The Wi-Fi event is available until the 27th August, and the site says you will need to have the National Dex in order to download the Enigma Stone (although I’ll be challenging that statement myself, regardless of the results you will need the national dex in order to do the in game event). EDIT 31st July: Just tried to download the Enigma Stone, I’ve yet to beat Gym 8 so I definatly don’t have the National Dex Yet. You CAN download and pick up the Enigma Stone before you get the National Dex, but obviously you will need the National Dex to take part in the event itself.

We’ll bring you more news when we learn it, and dont forget to drop by the Forums and talk all about the latest news on Pokémon, or to give us your thoughts on anything Pokémon Related.

Poképark Wii Game set for Euro Launch

Hurray, some news to update with.

Nintendo of Europe today announced a release date for Pokepark Wii: Pikachu’s Adventure on Wii. This has been rumoured to have been translated into English for a while since it was found to have gone to a governing body in Australia for a rating. However it’s the European version which has been set for release so far.

In PokePark Wii, you play as Pikachu exploring a Pokémon theme park, teaming up with other with other Pokémon to be able to ride on the rides. Traveling through areas such as Beach Zone, Iceburg Zone, Lava Zone, Haunted Zone and more, you’ll and your new Pokémon friends will take part in rides/events such as Rhyperior’s Bumber Brun, Salamance’s Air Slash, Venasaur’s Vine Swing, Gyarados’ Aqua Dash and many more.

The game will be in stores across Europe on July 9th. It is still only rumoured for an Australian/New Zealand release of June and no release date of any kind for America

we’ll bring you more news when we can

Heart Gold/Soul Silver Australian Release Date

Just a quick update that the Australian and New Zealand release date for Heart Gold and Soul Silver has been announced as March 25th, one day before the European release. This is following a recent trend where those down under get their games released one day before Europeans, proving that we are somehow the least liked region for games companies.

More when we know it

Oak’s Letter Available for Platinum pt.2

As susspected, today the official European site for Pokémon Platinum toady revealed that the Oak’s letter is available to download from today. We’ve also had information that its also avaialble in Austraila/New Zeland region as well. Between today (28th September) and 8th November, anybody with a version of Pokémon Platinum can use the Wi-Fi option to download the Oak’s letter, thus allowing you to catch a Shyamin. For more details, see the previous post.

We’ll bring you more when we learn it.

Just A Quick Update

Sorry about the lack of updates recently around the site. Along with the lack of news in relation to Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver, we’ve been busy behind the scenes working on our upcoming Pokédex. Details on that later…


First up, this year’s Pikachu Short Movie has been announced. Pikachu’s Great Sparking Search will be aired on ANA flights during August, and will likely end up on the 12th Movie’s DVD when that is eventually released. This short features Pikachu and Piplup getting separated from the gang and bumping into a Smoochum and a Notched Eared Pichu who are fighting over a gift that has disappeared. The search is on for the missing present.


We’ve also got a few Anime episode titles. In Japan, after Ash and Paul battle it out, the gang stick around Lake Aucity and meet Uxie. Title for episode 601 is Yukishii’s Shadow and will air June 25th. (Yukishii is Uxie’s Japanese name, in case you didn’t know).


In the US, Pokemon D/P: Galactic Battles ticks on with titles for episodes 5 and 6 announced.

Episode 5: Leading A Stray airs on June 6th where Ash and co find a Wailmer trapped in the sewers of Canalave City.

Episode 6: Steeling Piece of Mind! airs on June 13th and finds the gang on Iron Island where, along with Riley and Barry they discover a Team Galactic plot involving all the steel Pokemon there.


Lastly, we know that Australia will also be getting the Secret Key for Rotom’s extra forms over wi-fi at the same time as Europe will be (June 8th-July 19th) along with a physical Nintendo tour hitting Target and Toys R Us stores between June 25th and July 8th. Check the Australian Pokemon Site for further details.


And that’s a quick round up of what we haven’t updated with in the last few days. Nintendo’s E3 Conference is tomorrow, its highly unlikely Pokemon HG/SS will appear, but you never know – we’ll bring you any Pokemon related E3 news ASAP