Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from The Pika Club to everyone who celebrates and a happy holidays to everyone else! For those of you that are Adoption Agency members, you should check out the latest update on the AA’s index page for a Christmas gift.

For our non-Adoption Agency viewers we have not been keeping up with the latest Pokémon news very well for which I apologise. We completely failed to inform you of the latest upcoming Pokémon game, Pokémon + Nobunaga’s Ambition. This is a SRPG which sees you help conquer imperial Japan with the aid of Pokémon! Check out the trailer below:


We shall attempt to keep you abreast of the latest news but both administrators are incredibly busy with their lives in general. I am in my final year at university so must devote most of my energy to that, meaning that I cannot devote as much time to TPC as I would like. Most of my focus with The Pika Club is now aimed at the Adoption Agency. If you would like to help out The Pika Club by providing news updates and/or Pokémon content for us then please do contact us.

Merry Christmas from The Pika Club!

Merry Christmas from The Pika Club! We hope you’ve had a great year and are looking forward to 2011 and the release of Pokémon Black/White in the west!

If you’re a user of our Adoption Agency we also have a gift for you. Please use Firefox/Opera/Chrome (basically not Internet Explorer) for maximum prettiness! Login and go to this address:

Merry Christmas from The Pika Club!

Holidays are coming

Hello again, I’m back 🙂 Well, sort of.

No update at the moment I’m afraid so in lieu I present a shiny new poll which you may vote on at your leisure: [poll id=”3″]

I will be back home soon and then hopefully there should be some surprises in store…if I can develop one in time, maybe a new winter forum theme. We’ve still got The Pika Club’s tenth birthday to celebrate too, then there’s New Years….it should be a busy time for TPC this holiday, so make sure to visit us regularly to catch the latest news and updates!