Forum Update

Our forums recently got a much needed update. The most obvious difference is the new layout, called ‘Pokémon Forever’ which replaces our  old ‘Sky’ layout which is several years old at this point.

A screenshot of our new forum layout.

A screenshot of our new forum layout.

In addition to the new layout, there are several new features and general tweaks to increase usability. These changes include, but are not limited to:

  • RSS feed support for forums and topics
  • Quick reply feature
  • Post content on topic title hover
  • PM/rank progress bars

Holidays are coming

Hello again, I’m back 🙂 Well, sort of.

No update at the moment I’m afraid so in lieu I present a shiny new poll which you may vote on at your leisure: [poll id=”3″]

I will be back home soon and then hopefully there should be some surprises in store…if I can develop one in time, maybe a new winter forum theme. We’ve still got The Pika Club’s tenth birthday to celebrate too, then there’s New Years….it should be a busy time for TPC this holiday, so make sure to visit us regularly to catch the latest news and updates!