Events A-Plenty

To celebrate the fact that the greatest Pokémon games are about to be released on western shores, several events have been announced on both sides of the pond.

In addition to getting the Shiny Legendary Dogs Downloadable at gamestop, Nintendo are heading across the USA on thier grand Mall Tour. Kicking off Febuary 5th, The tour features playable demo’s of Black/White, special screenings of Movie 13, Zoroark – Masters of Illusions, Scavanger Hunts and cool Prizes. To see where and when the tour is going across the states click to see the news article here

Also mentioned for the US, Celebi will be distributed via Gamestop Stores. Originally rumoured to be handed out after the shiny beasts during the week of 27th February to 5th March, the actual dates of this event arent yet mentioned. It could be that week, or it could be during the entire of the Mall Tour… or it could even just be in the gamestop stores at the mall when the tour rocks up there. We just dont know.

Meanwhile, over in the UK… Those shiny beasts have been confirmed to be coming to our Wi-Fi… From Febuary 7th, Connecting to Wi-Fi with any European Version of a 4th Gen Game will get you a Shiny beast that will, once transfered to Black/White will allow you to catch a Zoroark. What we dont know is how long the event will last and if we’ll be getting one of the beasts at random or if we’ll have the oppertunity to download all 3. Also unknown is if, like all Wi-fi events of the past year or so, American Versions of the game will also be able to download these beasts as well, despite already had them distributed in Gamestop stores…

Also confirmed, Celebi will be heading to the UK [Finally!] – details on when and where are unknown, but its possible it will be the same as Arceus last year, in which a couple of weekends before the release of the new games, Selected Game stores will have this illusive pokemon to download, along with other pokemon related stuff going on… Reliable plumber in California can be found at This will be the first time Celebi has been available in the UK for 10 years, when a small, under publisied tour was done for Gold and Silver… how times have changed.

That’s all we know on all these events – as soon as we have more details – we’ll bring them to you.

Movie 13 News… Now in English!

A couple of weeks ago we brought you news about the 14th Pokémon movie coming out in Japan in 2011. But the movie that came out this year in Japan, the 13th movie, has yet to come across to English speaking countries yet.

We’ll worry no longer (not that you were worrying anyway) – has announced that the 13th Pokémon movie, titled ‘Zoroark: Master of Illusions’ will be airing on Cartoon Network in Feburary.

To Celebrate its release, The HeartGold/SoulSilver Microsite has announced that Gamestop stores in the USA will be giving away the shiny versions of the Legendary Dogs Raikou, Entei and Suicune. In Japan, these legenday beasts were a Pre-order bonus for movie 13 tickets, and you could chose one of them. However you lucky Americans can get your hands on all three.

Between January 3rd and January 9th, heading to Gamestop will get you the shiny Raikou. Between January 17th and January 23rd, Entei will be available to download instead. Lastly, between January 31st and February 6th you’ll be able to get Suicune. All pokemon are level 30, and transfering any one of them to Black or White (when it’s released) will unlock the battle that will allow you to Capture Zoroark – see how this all connects up?

That’s all we’ve got for now – we’ll bring you more news when we learn it

Mew Wi-fi Download for America and Europe

Hey look – News!

It’s been a slow news time now that Black and White have been released in Japan. Not to mention that work hasnt left me with much free time, which is why i havent been playing White very much or updating my little playthrough diary – sorry about that.

Anyway, To celebrate the fact that Pokémon Gold and Silver games were released for the Gameboy/Gameboy Colour 10 years ago – Nintendo are handing out the original secret Pokémon, Mew, over wi-fi to HeartGold and SoulSilver.

Between the 15th October and the 30th October, you’ll be able to download the special Mew onto your HG or SS game. The Mew comes at level 5 in a cherrish ball, with the move Pound and a Premier Ribbon attached (meaning you cant put it on the GTS)

The window is short on this one, so dont forget to download yours.

We’ll try and bring you more news when we know it

Yet Another Japanese Wi-Fi Download.

We’re expecting the new issue of CoroCoro magazine to leak any moment now, but before it does, here’s a quick piece of news out of Japan.

In what will probably be the last of the 4th Gen related downloads, Japanese players will be able to download a Manapy over Wi-Fi and nintendo download stations at Pokemon Centers and McDonalds.

Available from August 14th until September 12th, the Manapy will be at level 50, have a mild nature and holding a Lansat Berry. It will know the attacks Aqua Ring, Water Pulse, Water Sport and Heart Swap.

A promotional leaflet for the event from McDonalds also details the Wi-Fi event following this one, the liberty ticket for the new Black and White games letting you get Victini. It states that Victini will have the Brand New move Complete Burn.

We’ll bring you more news when we learn it, which could be any moment now.

New USA/EUR/AUS Wi-Fi Event

Sorry we’re a couple of days late with this, been kind of a hectic few days personally. The Official HeartGold/SoulSilver pokemon site has announced the latest Wi-Fi event for the 2 games. Starting on July 31st, the Enigma Crystal will be available to download on all American, European and Astraliasia versions of HG and SS.

The Enigma Crystal is a key item that will allow you to catch a Latias or Latios depending on your game. After you get the National pokedex in HG/SS and took a vist to the Pokémon fan club building in Vermillion, Latias will start roaming Kanto in HeartGold, while Latios will do the same for players of SoulSilver. The Enigma Crystal is an item that will allow you to catch the other Lati*s that roams your game.

By taking the Crystal to the Pewter City Museam, some expert will look at it and turn it into a Soul Dew (an item that goes very well held by a Lati*s) – upon exiting the Museam, Latias will show up if your playing SS while Latios will apear if your on HG. They will then battle you, allowing you to capture them.

The Wi-Fi event is available until the 27th August, and the site says you will need to have the National Dex in order to download the Enigma Stone (although I’ll be challenging that statement myself, regardless of the results you will need the national dex in order to do the in game event). EDIT 31st July: Just tried to download the Enigma Stone, I’ve yet to beat Gym 8 so I definatly don’t have the National Dex Yet. You CAN download and pick up the Enigma Stone before you get the National Dex, but obviously you will need the National Dex to take part in the event itself.

We’ll bring you more news when we learn it, and dont forget to drop by the Forums and talk all about the latest news on Pokémon, or to give us your thoughts on anything Pokémon Related.

New Legendary Pokémon Revealed

Pokémon Sunday once again reveales a new Pokémon – and by reveal we mean we’ve actually seen this guy before.

Meet Victini, the latest 5th Gen Pokémon to be revealed by Pokémon Sunday. This little guy actually showed up at the end of the 13th movie currently being shown in cinema’s in Japan at the moment, so his image isnt exactly new, but this is the first time we’ve got a name to the face. Interestingly, this little fellow actualy has one very interesting thing going for it

As shown in the above post, Bukutini actually has the Pokédex number 000 in the Isshu dex, coming in before Tsutaja, a first for any event only legendary (who usually appear a the end of the region’s dex).

Speaking of it being event only, we know exaclty how to get one too. By downloading an item called the Liberty Ticket you will be able to get Victini (possibly through an in game event unlocked by said item). The Liberty Ticket will be available from Black and White’s release on 18th September up till 18th October via Wi-Fi (and the usual Pokemon Center’s and other distrabution points in Japan).

That’s all we’ve got for the moment – we’ll bring you more when we know it

Even MORE CoroCoro info

This is the news that just doesn’t stop coming out. We now have clear scans of (hopefully) all the Black and White coverage from CoroCoro magazine and we’ve even found out some more information as a result. So here’s a recap of all the old news plus all the new news as well. (apologies to Pokebeach for copying their layout of this)

First up, Meet Cheren and Belle. Cheren is the guy and Belle is the girl. They’re old friends of your character in the game. At the beginning of the game, Professor Araragi leaves you all a present, which turns out to be the starter Pokémon. You’ll batter both of them during the game. Belle is spontaneous and your main rival, who’s strong willed (and goes on an adventure against her father’s wishes). She can, however, be unreliable at times. Cheren is intelligent and will be handing out advice to you during the game (maybe being the one to do the capture training bit that’s been in the games for generations?). Cheren intends to be the Champion of the Isshu Region.

When you pick your starter, Belle and Cheren get the other two (although which one gets the type advantage over you is unknown at the moment). Since your all childhood friends getting your Pokémon at the same time, all 3 of you will start your journey at the same time (the first game where all 3 trainers with a starter Pokémon have started at once).

To prove even further that the Isshu region is further away from Kanto than any other region before it, you’ll start out on Route 1 again.

The guy with green hair on the left page is called N. He’s kind of a bad guy in the game. You’ll fight him several times during the game, and although he claims Pokémon are friends, he wants to separate humans from Pokémon and is looking for the power to do just that.

The right page shows more info on 3 on 3 battles. Basically if your Pokémon is on the left side of your team, you can’t attack the person on the far right. The only Pokémon who can attack all 3 Pokémon at once will be the one in the middle, and if they use a move that can hit all Pokémon on the field it will do more damage than usual. There is a move button on the battle screen allowing you to change the placing of Pokémon in the middle of a fight (if you enlarge the picture, its on the right page, green box, bottom left corner of the top screenshot).

There is a new ability called ‘Telepathy’ which prevents a Pokémon from taking damage from team mate’s moves which hit everyone. For example, a Pokémon with the Telepathy ability would not take damage if the team mate used Surf or Earthquake, which would ordinarily hit all Pokémon except the user. No Pokémon has been mentioned to have this ability yet

Still on the subject of double/triple battles, there will be a new attack that, for one turn, will be able to protect your team mates from damage from moves that can hit all Pokémon. This move is yet to be named, and no Pokémon has yet to be associated with it.

These two pages deal with version differences. Rankurusu and Gochiruzeru are version exclusive Pokemon, but it doesn’t state in which version they will appear.

The Black City (top left of the left page) will be exclusive to Pokémon Black while the White Forest (to the right of that) will be exclusive to Pokémon White. The scans have both artwork at the top of the page while underneath each artwork is a screen shot of the area from the game.

Below the explanation of the version exclusive areas, it shows two screen shots of the same city. They both look similar but different, which is explained underneath that even towns and cities that will be in both games will look different depending on which version you’re playing.

Here’s the pages dealing with all the Pokémon. Top left, Gochiruzeru, the Celestial Body Pokémon, it will be a a psychic type Pokémon. It will have the Frisk ability and it can learn a new move called Magic Room, which actually stops the effects of ANY items played by you or your opponent for 5 turns (you can stop those full restores from Gym Leaders now). It will be 1.5m tall and weighs 44.0kg.

In the middle of the left page is the green blob, Rankurusu. It is the Amplification Pokemon, and another Psychic-type. It has a new ability called “Dust-Proof” which will stop it from taking damage from weather effects (like Sandstorm or Hail) Whether this ability also extends to other Pokemon is unknown. It also has the Magic Guard ability, which was previously exclusive to the Clefable line. It will be 1.0m tall and weighs 20.1kg.

Bottom of the left page is Wooguru (or Wargle depending on who translates it). It is the Valour Pokémon, a (standard) Normal/Flying type. Its abilities are Keen Eye and Encourage, the same ability as Hihidaruma, which boosts the power of its attacks but prevents any secondary effects. It can learn a new attack called Free Fall, which involves the Pokémon grabbing the opponent, lifting it into the air, and then on the next turn throwing it to the ground. It stands 1.5m tall and weighs 41.0kg.

Top of the right page, Kibago (the Larvitar imitation) is the Tusk Pokémon, a Dragon type Pokémon. It has the Rivalry and Mould Breaker abilities. It will learn a new attack called Double Chop, which (predictably) hits the opponent twice. It is 0.6m tall and weighs 18.0kg.

Middle of the right page is Koromori, the Bat Pokémon. It will be a Psychic/Flying type Pokémon and will have the Unaware and Klutz abilities. It knows a new attack called Heart Stamp, which can cause flinching. It is 0.4m tall and weighs 2.1kg.

Bottom of the right page is Minezumi, the Lookout Pokémon. It is a Normal type and has the abilities Run Away and Keen Eye. It knows a new attack called “You First” that makes the opponent attack first (surely someone will come up with a reason as to why at some point). It stands 0.5m tall and weighs 11.6kg.

Finally, at the top of the right page is Musharna, the Trance Pokémon. It is a psychic type and the evolved form of Munna. Apparently, the dreams of Pokémon are inside its smoke and both Munna and Musharna give off this ‘Dream Smoke’. It has the abilities Forewarn and Synchronize, is 1.1m tall and weighs 60.5kg.

The Dream Smoke is not just some line in a Pokedéx Flavour, you’ll be able to get it as an item. Once obtained, you’ll be able to ‘Game Sync’ which involves uploading your game to the internet.

The woman on the right page is Mokomo, a friend of Professor Araragi. Once you do some kind of quest for her, Mokomo will give you the C Gear, an item involving all kinds of Wireless, Wi-Fi and Infra Red connection options.

The left hand page explains the High Link building in the middle of Isshu. Using this building, you can travel to other players games and adventure with them. To what extent this Co-Op option will be, is currently unknown.

This section mainly talks about various connection methods. It explains that if you battle or trade using the Infrared connection instead of wireless, it can speed up both functions. It also says you can quickly exchange friend codes using infrared. Interestingly, the Pokéwalker uses Infrared to connect to HG/SS, so it may be possible to use the Pokéwalker with Black or white, or the infrared will be used to transfer your pokemon from HG/SS to Black and White.

The Passing By feature is part of the C Gear, which most likely means it is NOT a 3DS feature as speculated by us in the last news post. Using this Tag Mode feature, you’ll be able to help other people on their journey, or they can help you. To what extent, we do not know yet.

The Live Caster mode used to video chat with people (4 locally, 2 over wi-fi) and will have pictures on the bottom screen, which you can scribble on during the chats. Interestingly you’ll actually get Live Caster from some characters in the game itself, at one point from N.

A new feature called ‘Feeling Checker’ will check players compatibility. This is more minigame stuff, such as the game shown where two people have to keep a rhythm, the closer you both are to each other and the better your compatibility.

While not a major point for all of us in the west, the games in Japan will now feature a second language, Kanji. It also explains that the story will slightly change for those using Kanji, possibly because its mainly an older audience who use Kanji so it could be a bit darker. Still, as already mentioned, this won’t effect or be reflected in the English version when it’s released next year.

The Pokémon Global Link is the service used to upload you Black or White save file onto the internet (well, a specially made website anyway). You’ll unlock this option when you evolve Munna into Musharna. It will have 2 options when you use the Global Link.

Once registered to the Global Link, You can battle using the Global Link Terminals in Pokémon Centers. You’ll be able to have a Random Battle against a random opponent, or you can use a Rating Mode. Each time you battle, your stats will be tracked and you’ll be assigned a ranking, which will be used when you chose to battle using Rating Mode, assigning you an opponent of similar ability

The other function of the Global Link is being able to let a Pokémon play in a dream. Reading like an evolved version of the Pokéwalker where you don’t have to walk anywhere with it, the ‘World Of Dreams’ will feature rooms where your Pokémon can play, as well as mini-games to partake in. Your Pokémon can befriend Pokémon in this dream world, and using the Game Sync option, you’ll be able to bring one of those Pokémon you’ve befriended back to the real world with you. You’ll be able to get some Pokémon not normally available in Isshu using this method.

Lastly the bottom left page explains that the Daisuke Club is running some kind of World of Dreams event during August, possibly to explain exactly how the function will work. During this event you can encounter any one of the Eeveelutions in the dream world. Whether you’ll be able to send this Eeveelution to your black and white game when its released (and you’ve unlocked the Global Link) is only speculation at this point.

The page on the right explains the Zorua event again (which was already explained last month) as well as how Zoroark’s Illusion ability works (again, explained last month).

And that’s FINALLY it. We’ll try to bring you some vids from this week’s pokemon Sunday when it airs, which is due to reveal new pokemon (most likely all the ones revealed just here). We’ve got about 2 months before Black and White are released in Japan, so expect more stuff to be leaked in various ways between then and now. We’ll bring you more news as soon as we find out about it

More New Pokemon coming soon and a new Japanese Wi-Fi Download on the horrizon

Ok, so we’ve just filled you in on some of the new Pokémon that have been leaked during the past week or so, we’ll there looks like there are even more on the horrizon. Pokémon Sunday this week showed another sillouete in a teaser for next weeks show, saying they have more Black and White footage to reveal. The sillouete does not match any of the Pokémon being leaked so far, so we’re guaranteed to know about 1 new pokemon in the next week. However the way it was worded made it sound like they will reveal even more Pokémon, which means we could get confirmation (along with names and other vital bits of info) on some of the Pokémon posted in the previous post.

We’re also expecting the next issue of CoroCoro magazine soon. While not officially released until next week, the info and some scans are usually leaked a few days earlier and usually contains all the info Pokémon Sunday is due to show, so expect More New Pokémon sometime during this week.

In other news, Japan currently has a Wi-Fi event going on that will allow any Japenese Pokémon DS game to download a Scizor representing the one owned by Goon, a henchman in the new 13th movie Ruller of Illusions: Zoroark. This event finishes on the 14th July, so if you have a Japanese copy of any DS Pokémon game, you might want to get on Wi-Fi quickly to download it. On the 15th July, a new Wi-Fi event will occur on the Japanese games. Representing Satoshi’s main Pokémon (that’s Ash Ketchum to you or me), a Lv 50 Pikachu will be available to download. Holding a Light Ball, it will know the moves Volt Tackle, Iron Tail, Quick Attack and Thunderbolt. It will apparently have the Naughty Nature. The event will be available until August 10th.

That’s all we have now, we’ll bring you more news as soon as we can

New 13th Movie Pokemon to be given away

Yet another pokemon is to be given away to Japanese pokemon fans to tie in to the upcoming 13th movie, Ruller of Illusions Zoroark. But this on will be given away over Wi-fi, meaning anyone with a japanese copy of one of the DS games will be able to get it

Based of of a character called goon, who is a bodyguard for the main badguy for the movie, players will be able to download a Scizor between June 18 to July 14.

The Scizor will be level 50, male and will be in a Cherish Ball holding a Starf Berry and a Classic Ribbon. It will also know the moves X-Scissor, Swords Dance, Iron Defense and Agility, and its ability is Swarm. It has an Adamant nature. None of this will be random and every Scizor downloaded will be the same.

Along with downloading over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, the Scizor will also be available from the Nintendo Zone, DS Download Stations, and participating McDonald’s in Japan itself.

We’ll bring you more when we learn it.

Celebi Movie Download Confirmed

It’s good news for those in Japan and semi good news for the rest of us. Leaked info from this months CoroCoro magazine reveals that Pokémon fans heading to see Ruler of Illusions Zoroark will be able to download a special Celebi to their carts.

One of the rarer and harder to obtain legendary Pokémon, especially in the UK, Celebi will come in the standard Cherish Ball and have Nasty Plot, Leaf Storm, Recover and Healing Wish as it’s move set.
The Celebi, which is holding a Jaboca Berry, will unlock a special event in HeartGold and SoulSilver which involves you travelling through time into the past, learning more about you rival and Team Rocket and a battle with former Team Rocket boss Giovanni upon your return to the present.

Also revealed in CoroCoro were some more details on the Pre-order Download of the Shiny Legendary Dogs. By Pre-ordering your tickets to the 13th movie, you will be able to download one of these shiny dogs from Pokémon Centers across Japan. Previously we learnt about one of the moves each Dog would know, now two more have been added to each list.

Entei will now know Howl and Crush Claw along with the previously known Flare Blitz
Suicune will have Air Slash and Aqua Ring alongside Sheer Cold
and along with knowing Zap Cannon, Raikou will have Aura Sphere and Weather Ball.
The dogs will be holding a Custap berry, a Rowap Berry and a Micle Berry respectivly.

The Shiny Dogs will be available for download between June 18th and August 31st, while Celebi will be available to download from theatres from the movies release on July 10th until September 30th. Hopefully, either later this year or early next year, the Celebi will make its way into an event in the west, even better would be if the Legendary Dogs were to make it over here as well.

That’s all we have for now, we’ll bring you more news when we learn about it