European Release Date For Black/White Announced

As first broke by the UK’s Official Nintendo Magazine and confirmed by all European versions of, The European Release Date for Pokémon Black and Pokémon White has finally been announced, and its a bit of a surprise to everyone when we’re getting it. March 4th 2011 is the date when all Europeans will be able to play the Pokémon games considerd perfect by leading Japanese gaming mag famitsu – that’s a whole 2 Days before the USA gets the games released on March 6th.

To celebrate this news we here at The Pika Club are officially annouceing our Black and White Games pages. Found by clicking here, or by selecting games from the menu at the top (yes, there is a menu at the top of this page) – you’ll be able to find information relevent to the Black and White games. Currently up are an Unova Dex, featuring all the new Pokémon introduced into B/W and an abilities page, featuring all the new abilities and descriptions of what each of them do. Soon to come are a page detailing all the new moves, and a page detailing all the Gym Leaders and Elite 4, plus thier squads. Since we’ve only found out a handfull of English names at the moment, a lot of this information is still in its translated form and will be updated as new English names are revealed.

That’s all we have for now – we’ll bring you more news when we learn it

EDIT: Australia and New Zeland will get these games release on March 10th 2011

New USA/EUR/AUS Wi-Fi Event

Sorry we’re a couple of days late with this, been kind of a hectic few days personally. The Official HeartGold/SoulSilver pokemon site has announced the latest Wi-Fi event for the 2 games. Starting on July 31st, the Enigma Crystal will be available to download on all American, European and Astraliasia versions of HG and SS.

The Enigma Crystal is a key item that will allow you to catch a Latias or Latios depending on your game. After you get the National pokedex in HG/SS and took a vist to the Pokémon fan club building in Vermillion, Latias will start roaming Kanto in HeartGold, while Latios will do the same for players of SoulSilver. The Enigma Crystal is an item that will allow you to catch the other Lati*s that roams your game.

By taking the Crystal to the Pewter City Museam, some expert will look at it and turn it into a Soul Dew (an item that goes very well held by a Lati*s) – upon exiting the Museam, Latias will show up if your playing SS while Latios will apear if your on HG. They will then battle you, allowing you to capture them.

The Wi-Fi event is available until the 27th August, and the site says you will need to have the National Dex in order to download the Enigma Stone (although I’ll be challenging that statement myself, regardless of the results you will need the national dex in order to do the in game event). EDIT 31st July: Just tried to download the Enigma Stone, I’ve yet to beat Gym 8 so I definatly don’t have the National Dex Yet. You CAN download and pick up the Enigma Stone before you get the National Dex, but obviously you will need the National Dex to take part in the event itself.

We’ll bring you more news when we learn it, and dont forget to drop by the Forums and talk all about the latest news on Pokémon, or to give us your thoughts on anything Pokémon Related.

Poképark Wii Game set for Euro Launch

Hurray, some news to update with.

Nintendo of Europe today announced a release date for Pokepark Wii: Pikachu’s Adventure on Wii. This has been rumoured to have been translated into English for a while since it was found to have gone to a governing body in Australia for a rating. However it’s the European version which has been set for release so far.

In PokePark Wii, you play as Pikachu exploring a Pokémon theme park, teaming up with other with other Pokémon to be able to ride on the rides. Traveling through areas such as Beach Zone, Iceburg Zone, Lava Zone, Haunted Zone and more, you’ll and your new Pokémon friends will take part in rides/events such as Rhyperior’s Bumber Brun, Salamance’s Air Slash, Venasaur’s Vine Swing, Gyarados’ Aqua Dash and many more.

The game will be in stores across Europe on July 9th. It is still only rumoured for an Australian/New Zealand release of June and no release date of any kind for America

we’ll bring you more news when we can

CoroCoro Leaked With Black and White Starters

Edit 13 May: confirmed info at bottom of post

Ok, before I start I just want to post something I thought I updated in the last news post on the anime show. Shortly after that post, tv guides from America named the new series of the DP saga as ‘Pokémon Diamond and Pearl: Sinnoh League Victors’ which also indicates it will finish the Sinnoh saga off. That begins airing in the USA on 22nd May on Cartoon Network. Meanwhile, in the UK, Disney XD has began advertising last weekend that they will be showing the 12th Movie, Arceus and the Jewel of Life on Friday 28th May, which is the Friday before the Bank Holiday. Right, with that out of the way, onto the news you’re probably here for.

Leaked scans of this months CoroCoro magazine are now emerging from Japan. They show the new starters for the game, which look a little weird (although I thought that about the 4th gen starters when I saw them first).

As you can see, I guessed the grass and fire starters the wrong way round. The fire starter looks like a rabbit crossed with a pig and the water one looks like abit like a sea otter or beaver (or a combo of the two), while the grass one is a bit lizard like.

Also revealed so far is that the new region will be called Isshu – which is further away than any other region so far (based on America maybe?). There’s artwork of a port city from the region (the same one from the footage from a few weeks ago by the looks of it). There is also artwork of the new trainers, and it says that they are older than the trainers have been in the past.

If you look closely at the wrists of the two new trainers, it looks like they’re wearing the new Poketch/Pokegear/Pokewhatever – also, am i the only one thinking the Female trainer is wearing some Latios inspired shorts?

The starters names have yet to be confirmed, and we won’t post them here until we can confirm them. We are also waiting on other info we expect from this months CoroCoro, such as how Zorua evolves into Zoroark.

We’ll edit this topic with new info and scans when they become available and confirmed to be legit. In the meantime, you can discuss anything about the new info in either the comments here or in This Topic on the forums.

Edit 13th May

We’ve finally got some new scans with some confirmed info. We’ll bring you the scans a little later, for now here’s what we know. The port city shown in the scan above is called Hiun City, there’s a massive 2 page artwork in CoroCoro on the city as well, which we’ve got below (sorry if they dont display side by side, this blog doesnt let me do that often for some reason).

The starters are have names and are: Tsutaaja, The Grass Snake Pokemon; Pokabu, The Fire Pig Pokemon and Mijumaru, the Sea Otter Pokemon. They will have the same abilities all other starters have had (Overgrow, Blaze and Torrent). Tsutaaja is listed as it is 0.6 m tall (2 ft) and it weighs 8.1 kg (about 17.9 lbs). Pokabu’s stats are 0.6 m tall (2 ft) while it weighs 9.9 kg (about 21.9 lbs). Mijumaru is 0.5 m tall (1.6 ft) and it weighs 5.9 kg (13 lbs). Interesting Side Note, Assuming that the starters and thier evolutions will be the next 9 Pokemon in the national dex after Arceus, Mijumaru will be number 500 in the national dex.

More details on Zoroark has also been revealed in the scans. Zoroark is catchable by an event unlocked with the shiny dogs given away for the 13th movie pre-order (although its unknown if just one is needed or all 3). It will be level 25. As you fight it, its New abilitiy kicks in. Called Illusion, it lets it apear as other Pokemon (how it works in battle and how it differs from the move Transform are unknown at this point). Only when Zoroark apears as itself will it be catchable. It’s unkown if it will be obtainable in any other way yet. Zoroark also has 2 new moves, Trickery, which the amount of damage given to the opponent depends on the opponents stats and Claw Sharpen, which will raise both attack and accuracy, a deadly combination. Zorua is also known to have the Illusion ability.

Here’s the rest of the scans, starting with Hiun City, then a page with some shots of Zoroark using his transform ability to change into an Entai, and then the 3 Profiles of the new starters

Dont forget, you can discuss your thoughts, ideas or theories on this news or anything to do with the new games either in the comments or in This Topic on the forums. We’ll bring you more news when we know it, or edit this if any more infor from CoroCoro is made known

New Pokewalker Course Available Over Wi-Fi from Today

Yesterday was the last day you could download the Yellow Forest Pokewalker Course, a course featuring nothing but Pikachu, including a Surfing Pikachu and a Flying Pikachu.

From today, a different Pokewalker course is available to download. The Winner’s Path, previously known as the Champ’s Path in Japan, is a Pokewalker course that features 6 Pokemon, each knowing a move they wouldn’t know normally.

If you walk over 8000 steps, you’ll get one of the group A Pokemon, a Beldum that knows Zen Headbut or a Munchlax that knows Selfdestruct. Walk between 3000 and 8000 steps and you could find a group B Pokemon such as a Horsea that knows Muddy Water or a Duskull that knows Imprison. Of course, walk any less than 3000 steps and you’ll find a group C Pokemon, either a Bronzor that knows Trick Room or a Magikarp that knows Bounce, which is very useful for a level 5 Pokemon that never knows anything other than Splash.

The course is set to be available over Wi-Fi until June 25th, so you’ve got a while to download it. This is available in both the USA, Europe and Australia/New Zealand regions.

That’s all we have for the moment, hopefully we’ll have more for you soon, as Pokémon Sunday is set to unvail a new Pokémon this week (although it will likely be just a sillouete first like last time) and CoroCoro’s next issue should be leaked on the internet sometime next week as well. As ever, we’ll bring you more news as soon as we learn it

Pokémon DP: Galactic Battles to air in UK

Sorry, I found out about this over the weekend but I wanted to wait until I had an exact time and date before I posted. I know it’s been a slow news time, of course everytime I say that some big news seems to pop up in the next couple of days… well it could happen.

The latest (dubbed) adventures of Ash, Pikachu and the gang is finally going to be aired in the UK. The DP series, Galactic Battles will beging showing on Disney XD from May. It was half expected that the channel would be airing this series at somepoint, as it currently airs the Battle Dimensions series (the one directly before it). However, the channel rebranded from Jetix to Disney XD since it took the rights for Battle Dimensions from Cartoon Network (and has the rights for the 10th and 11th pokemon movies, which have been shown since becoming Disney XD), it was unknown if the rebranding would mean that they wouldnt pick up the rights to show the latest series. Thankfully it would now seem this is not the case. With this, there is a greater hope that the channel will be showing Movie 12, Arceus and the Jewel of Life at some point in the future.

Starting with an episode dedicated to Rotom first shown in May last year in the USA, The series continues Ash and Pikachu’s journey across Sinnoh with Dawn and Brock, including getting new Pokémon, Defeating Gym Leaders and New Contests for Dawn to take part in. Hopefully there will be no breaks in the series as it airs on Disney XD as not only is this starting a year behind the USA, the Galactic Battles Series should be nearing an end over there before starting a yet unammed last DP series, while the Diamond and Pearl saga in Japan is aproaching its own end, with a brand new saga (most likely based on Black and White) will be starting in the Fall of this year.

Pokémon DP: Galactic Battles will beging with ‘Get your Rotom Running’ on (bank Holiday) Monday May 3rd at 3.30pm, with new episodes every weekday at 3.30pm (until Disney XD deside to change the schedule or thier minds on the new episodes bit… its a bit less predictable on that kind of thing with these digital channels)

It’s all we’ve got news wise for now, we’ll try to bring you more as soon as possible

Shiny Pichu Finally Headed To Europe

The european side of the HeartGold and SoulSilver teaser site has said that the Shiny Pichu, which unlocks an event in HeartGold and SoulSilver, is to be distributed over WiFi this month.

Between March 5th and March 25th, anybody with a European copy of Diamond, Pearl or Platinum will be able to download the Pikacu colored Pichu via the Mystery Gift option. Identical to other regions, this Pichu will be level 30 and know Charge, Volt Tackle, Endure and Endeavor. It’s also holding an Everstone, is in a Cherish Ball and has a Classic Ribbon

It’s real function, however, is once this Pichu is traded to either HeartGold or SoulSilver. If placed at the lead of your party and taken to the shrine in Ilex Forest, you will encounter an even more special Pichu, the Spikey Eared Pichu. This Pichu will then join you, it will be at level 30, and know Helping Hand, Volt Tackle, Swagger and Pain Split. This Pichu is unable to evolve or be traded, and you can find out why by taking it and showing it to Professor Elm.

We’ll bring you more news when we learn it.

EDIT Friday 5th March: As annouced above, All European versions will be able to download the Shiny Pichu from today. The company offers affordable garage door repair services in California. It also turns out that all US versions and all Australian versions of Diamon, Peal and Platinum are able to download the same Pichu. Helpful if you missed the USA GameStop event, or imported a US copy of the game and obviously couldnt attend the event because you dont live in the states. If you DID get a shiny Pichu from GameStop, you will be UNABLE to get this Pichu as apart from Trainer and ID, they are the same Pokémon and you can only have one per cart.

UK Arceus Event Announced…Finally

Good news for those of us in the uk who don’t have international friends or cheat, the one pokemon we’re missing from all of our collections, Arceus, will be given away at Game stores in the two weekends leading up to Heart Gold and Soul Silver’s release.

It will only be held at a few stores around the country, the list found at the following link will give you the full details:

Along with downloading the legendary Pokémon, selected stores will have some face painting, ballon modeling and a Pokémon Expert to give a few hints and tips, and maybe he’ll except a challenge or two. Of course, if your local event doesnt have this trainer, you’re sure to find some fan who knows enough to help you, and willing to have a battle or two.

The Arceus unlocks a special event when its traded to Heart Gold or Soul Silver. When taken to a location known as Shinjo Ruins, The Arceus will create an Egg of either Dialga, Palkia or Giratina (which ever you decide), along with Cynthia showing up giving more background to the Creation Pokemon itself.

We’ll bring you more news when we learn it, and maybe I’ll see you at one of the events to get an Arceus

Calling UK Pokémon Fans

Do you reckon you’re a Pokémon Fan? Do you live in the UK? Do you want to have 15 seconds of fame? If the answer to all 3 of these is yes, then you could be apart of an upcoming TV advert.

TV Production Company Kream are looking for some Pokémon fan’s to feature in TV advert being filmed in March. The company is looking to make 2 adverts, one featuring 9-15 year olds and another featuring over 20’s. A filming date has yet to be set, but will only take a day. You’ll need to meet a casting director before you can be in the advert, there will be a small fee involved for all successful applicants, and for the 9-15 year olds you’ll also need parental consent (so you might want to ask BEFORE you try to apply)

Anybody interested in appearing in the advert can apply by emailing either of these two addresses:

Or by Phoning: 0207 612 1770 and asking for Hannah

For more information about the production company Kream, head to

Release date announced for HG/SS in UK (and a shiny Pichu for the Americans too)

The Pikachu Colored Pichu (or Shiny Pichu to you and me) is to be handed out at Gamestop shops in the US between January 3oth and February 14th according to an article on Poké You’ll be able to download this special Pichu to any Diamond, Pearl or Platinum cart but it doesn’t do much (except look cool) until you transfer it to Heart Gold or Soul Silver. Once there, you’ll need to take the little feller to Ilix Forrest, where out will pop a special Pichu, the Notched Eared Pichu. After a small event between the two, you’ll befriend the Notched Eared Pichu and thus be apart of your Pokémon collection forever.

In other news, today released a news article about the Pokéwalker. This is the First Heart Gold/Soul Silver related piece of information on any of the UK’s official sites (Pokémon or Nintendo) and not only talks about the Pokéwalker (confirming that it WILL be heading to Europe) but also lists a release date for HG/SS. March 26th is when European players can enjoy a trip back to the lands of Jhoto, less than 2 weeks after its release in America (and, for the second year in a row, a lot earlier than my initial prediction). This is good news for all the people in Europe and should hopefully mean that us people who usually import the games can wait the extra few days and pick up the game a little cheaper.

That’s all we have for the moment, we’ll bring you more when we learn it.