Movie 13 News… Now in English!

A couple of weeks ago we brought you news about the 14th Pokémon movie coming out in Japan in 2011. But the movie that came out this year in Japan, the 13th movie, has yet to come across to English speaking countries yet.

We’ll worry no longer (not that you were worrying anyway) – has announced that the 13th Pokémon movie, titled ‘Zoroark: Master of Illusions’ will be airing on Cartoon Network in Feburary.

To Celebrate its release, The HeartGold/SoulSilver Microsite has announced that Gamestop stores in the USA will be giving away the shiny versions of the Legendary Dogs Raikou, Entei and Suicune. In Japan, these legenday beasts were a Pre-order bonus for movie 13 tickets, and you could chose one of them. However you lucky Americans can get your hands on all three.

Between January 3rd and January 9th, heading to Gamestop will get you the shiny Raikou. Between January 17th and January 23rd, Entei will be available to download instead. Lastly, between January 31st and February 6th you’ll be able to get Suicune. All pokemon are level 30, and transfering any one of them to Black or White (when it’s released) will unlock the battle that will allow you to Capture Zoroark – see how this all connects up?

That’s all we’ve got for now – we’ll bring you more news when we learn it

More English Pokémon Names

The official microsite for Pokémon Black and White announced 2 more English names yesterday… although dont get too excited unless you learnt and liked the Japanese versions. The first Pokémon that was announced for generation 5 and star of Movie 13, along with its pre-evolution are keeping thier Japanese names…

for those that dont know about them, plus some details of minor translation changes made to thier info, read on:

Zorua, a dark type pokemon. Its classification is now the Tricky Fox Pokémon (formally the Evil Fox Pokemon).

Zoroark, also a Dark Type, is now the Illusion Fox Pokémon (changed from Monster Fox Pokemon) – Both have the Illusion Abillity (which keeps its name), that allows them to look like the Pokémon you have in last in your party (that’s still alive). The effect lasts until the opponent manages to damage you. Your type and stats do not change.

We also know about 2 move names as well. Zorua has a move called Trickery in Japan but is now called Foul Play, that damage done is based on your opponent’s attack stat, not yours. Zoroark is being advertised along side the move that was known as Claw Sharpen but is now Hone Claws, which boosts Attack & Accuracy

That’s all we have for now, we’ll be bringing you more when we learn it

Black and White Starters revealed to the Western World – the microsite dedicated to Pokemon Black and White versions for the US has updated with the 3 starters, revealing thier English names


First up, the grass starter Tsutarja will now be known as Snivy (a combo of snake and ivy)


Then, Pokabu get’s its name changed to Tepig (a combo of tepid and pig)


Lastly, Mijumaru gets its name changed to Oshawott (which is a combo of… well we’re not sure, but part Otter is in there somewhere, and the word wash happenes to be spelt backwards in it… yeah, grasping at straws here)

Lastly, in a really bizzare move, the area will NOT be called Isshu when it comes over to English Language Areas. Instead you’ll be exploring the Unova region. why the name change, we dont know – but get used to it

The Unova Region

So there you go. Now starts the time where you all claim you hate the new names (completly understandable), say you’ll never use them and you’ll only use the Japanese names – then within 6 months of the games coming out you’ll be using the English names like the rest of us, completly forgetting the japanese versions all together… why yes, i have been though this process before, how did you know?

We’ll bring you more news when we learn it and dont forget to be back here on friday for the publishing of a project long in the making – See Pikachu3828 – I’m going to post it, just like you wanted!

Holy Handgrenade – NEWS!

You may have noticed not a lot has happened news wise around here. That’s partly because there hasnt been a lot going on, but also partly because I’ve been extra busy these days and, unfortunatly, haven’t had a lot of time to devote to this site.

But has posted this picture:

On this coming Monday, will officially reveal the new starters for Black and White. This would be awesome for all those people who dont pay attention to any fan site that has covered all this information months ago – so why should you get excited? Well because if you havent worked it out yet, since is an English Language site, they will be revealing these Pokemon with thier English names – truely Awesome I think you’ll agree. We’ll be back on monday with that reveal (hopefully they’ll reveal it early enough in the day for me to post it AND get a good nights sleep for the next day… stupid time zones).

i didnt really want to mention this or hype it up, as it wont really live up to anything like the above news. However, Coming Friday, 26th Novemeber will be the result of a Project that’s been a few months in the making… wow, that really does sound better than it actually is – still, you’ll be able to view that result on this website from friday.

So, racap – back Monday with English Starter names and then friday will see the results of my top secret project…

New USA/EUR/AUS Wi-Fi Event

Sorry we’re a couple of days late with this, been kind of a hectic few days personally. The Official HeartGold/SoulSilver pokemon site has announced the latest Wi-Fi event for the 2 games. Starting on July 31st, the Enigma Crystal will be available to download on all American, European and Astraliasia versions of HG and SS.

The Enigma Crystal is a key item that will allow you to catch a Latias or Latios depending on your game. After you get the National pokedex in HG/SS and took a vist to the Pokémon fan club building in Vermillion, Latias will start roaming Kanto in HeartGold, while Latios will do the same for players of SoulSilver. The Enigma Crystal is an item that will allow you to catch the other Lati*s that roams your game.

By taking the Crystal to the Pewter City Museam, some expert will look at it and turn it into a Soul Dew (an item that goes very well held by a Lati*s) – upon exiting the Museam, Latias will show up if your playing SS while Latios will apear if your on HG. They will then battle you, allowing you to capture them.

The Wi-Fi event is available until the 27th August, and the site says you will need to have the National Dex in order to download the Enigma Stone (although I’ll be challenging that statement myself, regardless of the results you will need the national dex in order to do the in game event). EDIT 31st July: Just tried to download the Enigma Stone, I’ve yet to beat Gym 8 so I definatly don’t have the National Dex Yet. You CAN download and pick up the Enigma Stone before you get the National Dex, but obviously you will need the National Dex to take part in the event itself.

We’ll bring you more news when we learn it, and dont forget to drop by the Forums and talk all about the latest news on Pokémon, or to give us your thoughts on anything Pokémon Related.

3rd Pokémon Ranger Game given English Name

It’s E3 week this week, and today Nintendo had their Keynote Speech. For those that dont know, the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is one of the biggest shows in the Video Game industry, where everyone unvails thier new games, hardward and other suprises.

While it didn’t feature in the main show itself, Nintendo is showing off additional titles at the show to all those that attend, and have posted a list and previews of those games. One of those is the 3rd game in the Pokémon Ranger series. Translated as Tracks of Light in Japan, its now been renamed Guardian Signs for the English market. This will be based off the Symbols you can draw on the DS to call up various Pokémon to aid you. The Ukukele Pichu that joins you as your partner Pokémon keeps its name from its Japanese version. Pokémon Ranger Guardian Signs is set to be released in America before the end of the year.

Head to to see the preview video for the game, and check out the other Nintendo games coming out in the next 12 months, including the DS successor, the Nintendo 3DS!

More news when we learn about it.

New Pokémon Announced

Edit: 29th May – Check bottom of article for aditional information

Whoa, you wait ages for some news and then 2 new mega piece’s of news come at once. See below for the news of the European Release date for the Pokepark Wii game.

The Offical Pokémon Website in Japan has just updated with some major news, out scouping the usual sources of CoroCoro magazine and Pokémon Sunday (who are usually at war with releasing info like this). First of all it annouced the news we all expected. Pokémon Black and White will be out in Japan in September 2010 (this year), while the US will see the game in Spring of 2011 (most likely March). No news on a European release, so its unknown if we’ll get it as close to the US launch as we got HG/SS

The other piece of news that the site revealed, was the new Version Specific Legendary Pokémon that will (most likely) be on the box’s of the games.

First up is Reshiram, who will be the Legendary Pokémon of Pokémon Black

While Zekrom is the Legendary Pokémon of Pokémon White (no, I havent gotten these the wrong way round, the white pokemon if for black, the black pokemon is for white – see what they did there?)

No more info is known about these Pokémon yet, although CoroCoro magazine is expected to reveal info on a new Pokémon in next month’s Issue, so it could be bringing details on these. Also with these now revealed on the website, Pokémon Sunday may mention and reveal new information on them as well.

Edit: May 29th:

Aparantly that’s not all the information the Official site revealed. In the Daisuki Club, a section on the official website, it revealed that the 2 Pokémon are Legendary Dragon Pokémon, meaning that they will at least be Part Dragon if not completly Dragon type (most likely they will be like Dialga and Palkia, part dragon, part something else).

The Club also revealed something interesting regarding the two versions, Black and White. Along with the usual differences of different Pokémon and different rates of encouter, the games will differ in a another, BIG way, which will be revealed at a later date. How different could this be – could the game have a complete section that is entirely different? or maybe a whole area that is exclusive to each version? We wont know until later when its revealed.

One last thing, A few websites have noticed that the box art for the games (which also has been recently revealed) has the game code written on it. Nothing to special with that, however the game code starts with TWL. DS Game codes are usually prefixed with NTR, but the TWL prefix means it has some enhanced features for use on a DSi… So what will be included in the game that will use the DSi hardware, we don’t know – but it is unlikely to be anything major so people with Old DS and DS Lites will still be able to enjoy the full game. As soon as we’ll do know what the features will be, we’ll post them on this news blog for you to know about

That’s all we have for now, we’ll bring you more news when it comes out.

New Pokewalker Course Available Over Wi-Fi from Today

Yesterday was the last day you could download the Yellow Forest Pokewalker Course, a course featuring nothing but Pikachu, including a Surfing Pikachu and a Flying Pikachu.

From today, a different Pokewalker course is available to download. The Winner’s Path, previously known as the Champ’s Path in Japan, is a Pokewalker course that features 6 Pokemon, each knowing a move they wouldn’t know normally.

If you walk over 8000 steps, you’ll get one of the group A Pokemon, a Beldum that knows Zen Headbut or a Munchlax that knows Selfdestruct. Walk between 3000 and 8000 steps and you could find a group B Pokemon such as a Horsea that knows Muddy Water or a Duskull that knows Imprison. Of course, walk any less than 3000 steps and you’ll find a group C Pokemon, either a Bronzor that knows Trick Room or a Magikarp that knows Bounce, which is very useful for a level 5 Pokemon that never knows anything other than Splash.

The course is set to be available over Wi-Fi until June 25th, so you’ve got a while to download it. This is available in both the USA, Europe and Australia/New Zealand regions.

That’s all we have for the moment, hopefully we’ll have more for you soon, as Pokémon Sunday is set to unvail a new Pokémon this week (although it will likely be just a sillouete first like last time) and CoroCoro’s next issue should be leaked on the internet sometime next week as well. As ever, we’ll bring you more news as soon as we learn it

Take a Walk through the Yellow Forest from April

With the release of Heart Gold and Soul Silver yesterday in the States, the official HG/SS microsite has updated on the US side to be the full site. There isn’t much to look at and no information that we don’t already know, but it has revealed the Pokewalker Course ‘The Yellow Forest’ and how to unlock it.

Connecting to the Mystery Gift Wi-Fi (with eithe HG or SS) between April 1st and April 30th (that’s the whole month) you’ll be able to get this course unlocked on you game cart. This special course features nothing but Pikachu to catch, but all of them have different move sets, including one that knows Surf and another that knows Fly.

It’s unknown if this will be available in Europe and Australia at the same time, although based off previous Wi-Fi events it should be. The European and Australian side of the microsite should open up when the games are released in those regions. If the sites then reveal they are to be available on different dates, we’ll let you know.

Don’t forget to drop by the forums to talk about HG and SS, especially if you’ve got a question. We’ll bring you more news when we learn it

Special Jirachi Download Headed For US

Back in June last year, Japanese Diamond, Pearl and Platinum players were able to download a special Jirachi the knows Draco Meteor. When traded onto Heart Gold an Soul Silver, this Jirachi unlocks the special Pokewalker course ‘Edge of the Nights Sky’

Now serebii is reporting that between 27th February and 13th March, US gamestop stores will be offering this Jirachi available to download in stores. Until any official announcment is made, these details are subject to change.

The Edge of the Nights Sky course will allow you to catch Clefary, Jiglypuff, Zubat, Hoothoot, Onix and Geodude, as well as obtain items such as Psychic TM, Moonstones and Rare bones. The pokemon dont know moves that they Cannont learn naturally, but they do have moves that the wouldnt learn at the low levels they are at (the Clefairy, for example, is at Level 8 and knows Moonlight, a move it wouldnt normally know until Level 37)

We’ll bring you more news when we discover it.