More New Pokemon coming soon and a new Japanese Wi-Fi Download on the horrizon

Ok, so we’ve just filled you in on some of the new Pokémon that have been leaked during the past week or so, we’ll there looks like there are even more on the horrizon. Pokémon Sunday this week showed another sillouete in a teaser for next weeks show, saying they have more Black and White footage to reveal. The sillouete does not match any of the Pokémon being leaked so far, so we’re guaranteed to know about 1 new pokemon in the next week. However the way it was worded made it sound like they will reveal even more Pokémon, which means we could get confirmation (along with names and other vital bits of info) on some of the Pokémon posted in the previous post.

We’re also expecting the next issue of CoroCoro magazine soon. While not officially released until next week, the info and some scans are usually leaked a few days earlier and usually contains all the info Pokémon Sunday is due to show, so expect More New Pokémon sometime during this week.

In other news, Japan currently has a Wi-Fi event going on that will allow any Japenese Pokémon DS game to download a Scizor representing the one owned by Goon, a henchman in the new 13th movie Ruller of Illusions: Zoroark. This event finishes on the 14th July, so if you have a Japanese copy of any DS Pokémon game, you might want to get on Wi-Fi quickly to download it. On the 15th July, a new Wi-Fi event will occur on the Japanese games. Representing Satoshi’s main Pokémon (that’s Ash Ketchum to you or me), a Lv 50 Pikachu will be available to download. Holding a Light Ball, it will know the moves Volt Tackle, Iron Tail, Quick Attack and Thunderbolt. It will apparently have the Naughty Nature. The event will be available until August 10th.

That’s all we have now, we’ll bring you more news as soon as we can

Jirachi to be made avalable over Wi-Fi

With the Winner’s Path pokewalker course Wi-Fi Event set to end Friday, the European versions of the HeartGold and SoulSilver microsite have revealed its next Wi-Fi event.

Starting on Saturday 26th June and running until Friday 16 July, a special Jirachi will be available to download on ALL DS versions (Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HG and SS).

Like the Jirachi already given away in Japan, America and Australia via a physical event (and in Japan via Wi-Fi), this Jirachi will unlock a pokewalker course when transfered to (or downloaded on) HG or SS. The Night Sky’s Edge course features moon based pokemon, such as Clafairy.

The Jirachi will be at Level 5 and in a Cherish Ball. It will be holding a Classic Ribbon and a Liechi Berry. It will know the moves Wish, Confusion, Rest and Draco Meteor. It has the Original Trainer SMR2010 and the ID number 06260.

It is unknown if this will be available to US and Australian versions of the game as well as Wi-Fi, but based on previous Wi-Fi Events, it will be.

We’ll bring you more news when we learn it.

New 13th Movie Pokemon to be given away

Yet another pokemon is to be given away to Japanese pokemon fans to tie in to the upcoming 13th movie, Ruller of Illusions Zoroark. But this on will be given away over Wi-fi, meaning anyone with a japanese copy of one of the DS games will be able to get it

Based of of a character called goon, who is a bodyguard for the main badguy for the movie, players will be able to download a Scizor between June 18 to July 14.

The Scizor will be level 50, male and will be in a Cherish Ball holding a Starf Berry and a Classic Ribbon. It will also know the moves X-Scissor, Swords Dance, Iron Defense and Agility, and its ability is Swarm. It has an Adamant nature. None of this will be random and every Scizor downloaded will be the same.

Along with downloading over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, the Scizor will also be available from the Nintendo Zone, DS Download Stations, and participating McDonald’s in Japan itself.

We’ll bring you more when we learn it.

New Pokewalker Course Available Over Wi-Fi from Today

Yesterday was the last day you could download the Yellow Forest Pokewalker Course, a course featuring nothing but Pikachu, including a Surfing Pikachu and a Flying Pikachu.

From today, a different Pokewalker course is available to download. The Winner’s Path, previously known as the Champ’s Path in Japan, is a Pokewalker course that features 6 Pokemon, each knowing a move they wouldn’t know normally.

If you walk over 8000 steps, you’ll get one of the group A Pokemon, a Beldum that knows Zen Headbut or a Munchlax that knows Selfdestruct. Walk between 3000 and 8000 steps and you could find a group B Pokemon such as a Horsea that knows Muddy Water or a Duskull that knows Imprison. Of course, walk any less than 3000 steps and you’ll find a group C Pokemon, either a Bronzor that knows Trick Room or a Magikarp that knows Bounce, which is very useful for a level 5 Pokemon that never knows anything other than Splash.

The course is set to be available over Wi-Fi until June 25th, so you’ve got a while to download it. This is available in both the USA, Europe and Australia/New Zealand regions.

That’s all we have for the moment, hopefully we’ll have more for you soon, as Pokémon Sunday is set to unvail a new Pokémon this week (although it will likely be just a sillouete first like last time) and CoroCoro’s next issue should be leaked on the internet sometime next week as well. As ever, we’ll bring you more news as soon as we learn it

Take a Walk through the Yellow Forest from April

With the release of Heart Gold and Soul Silver yesterday in the States, the official HG/SS microsite has updated on the US side to be the full site. There isn’t much to look at and no information that we don’t already know, but it has revealed the Pokewalker Course ‘The Yellow Forest’ and how to unlock it.

Connecting to the Mystery Gift Wi-Fi (with eithe HG or SS) between April 1st and April 30th (that’s the whole month) you’ll be able to get this course unlocked on you game cart. This special course features nothing but Pikachu to catch, but all of them have different move sets, including one that knows Surf and another that knows Fly.

It’s unknown if this will be available in Europe and Australia at the same time, although based off previous Wi-Fi events it should be. The European and Australian side of the microsite should open up when the games are released in those regions. If the sites then reveal they are to be available on different dates, we’ll let you know.

Don’t forget to drop by the forums to talk about HG and SS, especially if you’ve got a question. We’ll bring you more news when we learn it

Shiny Pichu Finally Headed To Europe

The european side of the HeartGold and SoulSilver teaser site has said that the Shiny Pichu, which unlocks an event in HeartGold and SoulSilver, is to be distributed over WiFi this month.

Between March 5th and March 25th, anybody with a European copy of Diamond, Pearl or Platinum will be able to download the Pikacu colored Pichu via the Mystery Gift option. Identical to other regions, this Pichu will be level 30 and know Charge, Volt Tackle, Endure and Endeavor. It’s also holding an Everstone, is in a Cherish Ball and has a Classic Ribbon

It’s real function, however, is once this Pichu is traded to either HeartGold or SoulSilver. If placed at the lead of your party and taken to the shrine in Ilex Forest, you will encounter an even more special Pichu, the Spikey Eared Pichu. This Pichu will then join you, it will be at level 30, and know Helping Hand, Volt Tackle, Swagger and Pain Split. This Pichu is unable to evolve or be traded, and you can find out why by taking it and showing it to Professor Elm.

We’ll bring you more news when we learn it.

EDIT Friday 5th March: As annouced above, All European versions will be able to download the Shiny Pichu from today. The company offers affordable garage door repair services in California. It also turns out that all US versions and all Australian versions of Diamon, Peal and Platinum are able to download the same Pichu. Helpful if you missed the USA GameStop event, or imported a US copy of the game and obviously couldnt attend the event because you dont live in the states. If you DID get a shiny Pichu from GameStop, you will be UNABLE to get this Pichu as apart from Trainer and ID, they are the same Pokémon and you can only have one per cart.

Stop the presses: Nintendo uses the word Shiny!

Ok, so they’ve yet to do it in an official game yet, but has just launched its Heart Gold & Soul Silver Microsite. And along with confirming the US launch date as March 14th 2010, the site also has details on the Spiky Eared Pichu event.

If you’ve missed all the previous news posts about this Pokémon, here’s how it works. There’s a special Pichu who’s in the 12th Pokémon movie Arceus and the Jewel of Life. The Pichu is like most Pichu but one of it’s ears has some extra spiky length to it, thus why its called the Spiky Eared Pichu. This Pichu is available to capture in a special event in Heart Gold and Soul Silver by taking a special, event given Pikachu-coloured Pichu to Ilex Forest. After the event, you will have the Spiky Eared Pichu, which you can use like any other pokemon. However unlike any other pokemon, this Pichu cannot be traded nor can it evolve.

The Microsite says that details on how to obtain the shiny Pikachu-coloured Pichu will be revealed at a later date. The site even uses the word shiny when describing the Pichu, which Nintendo have never really done. Still, we’ll bring you details of the event when they are revealed.

Still no details on a European release, I myself am still predicting May.

On a side note, owners of  a Japanese copy of Heart Gold and Soul Silver will be able to download the Champ Path pokewalker course between January 13th and 27th 2010… meaning that there will have been some kind of Wi-fi event on from November the 11th up until Febuary 11th, with only a 2 day break in between each event. The Champ Path course was previously available to anybody who attended the Battle Road Tournament and features level 5 pokemon knowing moves they wouldnt ordinarily know such as Munchlax which knows Selfdestruct, Beldum which knows Zen Headbut, Bronzor which knows Trick Room, Duskull that knows Imprison, Horse with Muddy Water and Magikarp that knows Bounce.

We’ll bring you more news when we know it

Oak’s Letter Available for Platinum pt.2

As susspected, today the official European site for Pokémon Platinum toady revealed that the Oak’s letter is available to download from today. We’ve also had information that its also avaialble in Austraila/New Zeland region as well. Between today (28th September) and 8th November, anybody with a version of Pokémon Platinum can use the Wi-Fi option to download the Oak’s letter, thus allowing you to catch a Shyamin. For more details, see the previous post.

We’ll bring you more when we learn it.

Oak’s Letter Available for Platinum

Ok, so last month, Platinum players were able to use the Wi-Fi download to get the Members Card key item, allowing them to do a subquest allowing them to catch a Darkrai. Well now the next downloadable key item, Oak’s Letter, is being made for download over the Wi-Fi between September 28th to November 8th. At the moment, this date only applies to people with the US version of the game, however since the Member’s Card could be downloaded during the same time frame in both US and Europe, its quite possible that it will be available in Europe as well… we’ll bring you an update when we know for sure.

The Oak’s Letter will change the top end of route 224, the route found via the side cave near the end of victory road. Instead of a large rock, the area turns into a large amout of flowers. Its here that you’ll encounter a Shaymin, you’ll be able to battle/catch it as well. Once caught, you can take it to Floroma Town to get the Gardicia flower (if you haven’t traded a Shaymin and got the item already). The Gardicia will change Shaymin into its Sky Forme during the day (4am-8pm), it will revert back to land forme during the night, if you box it, or if you use it over Wi-Fi battles.

We’ll keep an eye out for a Euro date for this event, so expect an update about that in a couple of days – otherwise, more news when we know it.

Lots of News

It’s been a week since Heart Gold and Soul Silver were released in Japan and we’ve managed to clear up some things about what’s new to the game. A lot of this information is just specifics as to stuff mentioned in the last news post. If you’re interested in any of it, head on over to the Heart Gold Soul Silver section of our forums and ask for explanations in anything you’re interested in.

In other news, the 12th movie has been given an English title. Arceus and the Jewel of Life is the third and final in the Diamond and Pearl movies, following on from The Rise of Darkrai and Giratina and the Sky Warrior. This movie will see Ash and friends in Michina Town which has a long history with the legendary Pokémon. According to legend, after the creation Pokémon gave the townspeople some of its power (the Jewel of Life mentioned in the title), the people then betrayed Arceus. As you can imagine, Arceus isn’t best pleased over this, and its rage sets to destroy the world. With the help of Dialga, Ash and co head back in time to try and undo all mistakes made.

There’s no release date yet on the 12th movie, but like the Arceus reveal itself, this reveal is a few months earlier than it has traditionally been in previous years, leading me to believe that it could be released earlier than the Easter/early spring release the movies usually get.

Speaking of Arceus, the creation Pokémon is the subject of the next TCG set due for release on November 4th. Platinum – Arceus will have over 100 cards, including multiple energy types of the main Pokémon itself.

Back to Heart Gold and Soul Silver, a couple of the things we’ve learned is that a lot of Sinnoh and Hoenn Pokémon show up in the wild. During the bug contest in the National Park, if you try it on a Thursday or a Saturday after you get the national dex, Hoenn and Sinnoh bug types will show up, including Wurmple and Kricketot. Also after getting the national dex, the music channel will play either the Hoenn sound on Wednesday or the Sinnoh sound on Thursday. Played in various areas across Johto and Kanto, these two sounds can make either Hoenn or Sinnoh Pokémon show up in the wild.

Also, if you’ve got a copy of HG or SS, don’t forget to download the special Yellow Forest Pokéwalker course. This course features a lot of Pikachu, some of which may know surf and fly… otherwise impossible moves for a Pikachu to know.

That’s all for the moment, we might update with some more HG/SS news/features/explanations soon. Otherwise, more news when we learn it.